Paracas and Ballestas Islands, Peru

Today I was so excited – the Peru tour finally started. The tour operator was Gadventure (, a great company, which I absolutely recommend. Great local tourguides, great accommodations and everything is organised for you – the only thing you have to do: relax, listen and observe with a positive mind, flexibility and a sense of humour.

Three hours south of Lima is Paracas, which is a sleeping fishing village that serves as the starting point for all tours to the Balelestas Islands – ‘the poor man’s Galapagos”. Ballestas Island is home of hundreds of sea lions, many species of sea birds, e.g. my personal favourites the blue footed booby including the Humboldt penguins.

Early in the morning we headed off to the Ballestas Islands to take it all in – what a lucky day we had. We didn’t only see the various sea birds, sea lions and penguins but also a pregnant dolphin – how lucky.

Have a look at some photographs:

pregnant dolphin
the pregnant dolphin
three dolphin in Paracas
the 3 mates
happy dolphin in Paracas
dolphins in the Paracas bay
dolphins in the Paracas bay
the lonely boat in Paracas
the lonely boat in Paracas
sunset in Paracas, Peru
pelicans at sunset in Paracas, Peru

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  1. i visited there a few years ago also, a very fun trip out to the seal cove 🙂 was awesome…
    enjoyed ur dolpin shots we didn’t see any of them while there.. but did a lotta paragliding 🙂

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