Ccaccaccollo Community in Sacred Valley Peru

We made it to Cuzco, what a great city in the Andes with lots of charm. I will share some photos soon. Everybody was excited to go to Machu Picchu, however, first we travelled through the amazing and beautiful Sacred Valley. My tour was with Gadventures who together with Planeterra (a Not for profit organisation) support that particular Community. I was very keen on visiting that Community where indigenous people maintain their traditional way of life. It was very interesting to see the process of weaving, from hand-spinning and dying the wool with natural dyes to the final weaving process. Believe me, the women are so fast and accurate in weaving so many different kind of textiles…I was simply impressed. I definitely recommend to buy their high quality handmade products; it is a great memory and you know YOU support those women.

While I was observing the happening in that community I saw that cheeky little girl playing with a beanie. How cute she is. I was lucky to capture that moment.

weaving co-op Planeterra
cheeky little girl from Ccaccaccollo Community in Peru, Sacred, Valley


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