Food- and dancing guide for Cusco – part 2

It’s been a few months since I visited Cusco. I loved this city in Peru. Sitting here in Sydney and writing about it, makes we want to go back. I cannot explain what it is but Cusco felt very special to me.

Walking around the beautiful city, trying Peruvian cuisine and dancing to Salsa and Bachata made my days in Cusco.

If you have missed my part 1 of my Cusco series, it is not too late. Click here to read and see the photos:

1. Food heaven Cusco

Cusco has a lot of nice restaurants where you should try the local food.

The photo below is from the restaurant ‘Nuna Raymi’ which means ‘festival of the soul’. What is real and what is a painting? It’s both in one – go and check out this restaurant; it looks very cute and the food is amazing. Try the Al Paca. Here the link to their website:

restaurant in Cusco
Nuna Raymi – Festival of the soul

One night we had dinner in ‘Marcelo Batata’ in Calle Palacio 121, Cusco. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of that place and they don’t seem to have a website. If the weather allows you can book a table on their roof top terrace and enjoy an amazing view over Cusco. The food was fantastic.

In my previous blog about Cusco I mentioned the neighbourhood ‘San Blas’ which I really liked. That’s were we found this cute little french restaurant, yes you are right…french restaurant in Peru? Cusco has some surprises when it comes to restaurants, some exotic places which have developed from some of the tourist’s origins. It is neither like their home country nor really Peruvian. The owner were really nice, great service and yummi food. I had the french version of an Al Paca if that makes sense to you?

La Caverne del Oriente - a french fusion restaurant in San Blas, Cusco
La Caverne del Oriente – a french fusion restaurant in San Blas, Cusco
La Caverne del Oriente - a french fusion restaurant in Cusco, Peru
La Caverne del Oriente – a french fusion restaurant in Cusco, Peru
view over Cusco from 'La Caverne del Oriente'
view over Cusco from ‘La Caverne del Oriente’

When it comes to food in Peru, order what the locals eat. If you order your westernised food, then don’t be disappointed if you don’t like it. The Peruvian cuisine is one of the best in the world, so why would you order a ‘cesar salad’ or ‘italian pizza’? Eat the peruvian dishes, that’s why you travel right?

If you like cocktails, have the Pisco Sour; they also have different versions. My favourite one was the passionfruit Pisco Sour. One note, if you prefer wine, I cannot recommend Peruvian wine, have the Argentinian or Chilean wine instead.

2. What would be Southamerica without dancing?

I couldn’t wait to finally dance Salsa in Southamerica. Go to ‘Mythology’ – they have a dance instructor who teaches you Salsa and Bachata and then there you go and have a party all night if you want to.

Mythology is located on the main square in Cusco, Plaza de Armas, next to the arches leading to Calle Suecia, next door to Mc Donalds.

3. Travel advice

Having the right attitude with a positive mindset, being respectful, having a sense of humour and being flexible gets you anywhere in life in every situation. It definitely helps when you travel, especially when you come from a highly developed rich country.

Not everything will work the way you want it to be and I am pretty sure, you also will have to wait a considerable amount of time for your food to be served in a restaurant. My advice is to be patient. You want fresh prepared meals? So then you have to wait. But hey, you are on holidays and not in a rush anyways, so relax, sit back, have a Pisco and wait for the food. It is definitely worth it, trust me.

I unfortunately had to observe some Australians who were pretty rude and impatient with the owner of one of the little restaurants in Peru. You are not in Sydney, were the restaurants are used to lots of traffic, so relax and be respectful. We waited, took it with humour, joked around and in the end we got very delicious Peruvian dishes.

I want to finish off this post with my favourite photo of the french restaurant ‘La Caverne del Oriente’ with the following advice which can change your life: Open the window, take a breath in and exhale, let your mind wander and you will see new opportunities knocking on your door.

Open window
Open window

In my next post expect some photos from the local market and a visit to the silver factory in Cusco.

Stay tuned. Have a lovely week.




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