The local market and silver factory in Cusco, Peru – part 3

Hello lovely travellers to part 3 of my Cusco series.

Before I start I would like to thank our tour guide Alim Escobar from Gadventure who showed us all the beautiful things in Peru, explained all the history and stories behind places, introduced us to the Peruvian cuisine and recommended nice restaurants and what dishes to eat. Even though my trip was last year in November, he is still available and answers all the questions I have. Without him, I would’nt be able to write much about this beautiful country. So a HUGE THANK YOU Alim, very much appreciated. If you are about to book a tour, I really recommend Gadventure, and when you are in Peru and Alim is your CEO, you will have a great time.

So you are in Cusco and ready to experience some more of the things the local do? Let’s go and visit the local market in Cusco called ‘San Pedro Mercado‘:

San Pedro mercado - the local market in Cusco
San Pedro Mercado – the local market in Cusco

Here you can find everything the locals eat – for example the famous Peruvian bread:

the local bread from the market in Cusco
the local bread from the market in Cusco

Did you know Peruvian cuisine uses a lot of chilli?

chilli paradise Peru
chilli paradise Peru

I am into the healthy ‘clean and lean eating’ – food; when I saw how cheap the quinoa, chia seeds and Maca powder were – I was in food heaven. I would have loved to buy this here but Australia’s customs wouldn’t allow you to import things like this. Maybe your country does? Go for it.

the healthy Peru
the healthy Peru
more from the local market
more from the local market

Don’t forget to buy the Peruvian chocolate here. They have the incredible dark chocolate with quinoa or almonds – everything what you crave for.

colour heaven - the flowers from the local market
colour heaven – the flowers from the local market

Beautiful flowers from the market.

I didn’t take any photos of the animal section – have a look, everything what can be eaten is available. You decide if you like it or not.

After the market I recommend you go to the silver factory in Cusco which is located in Urpi, calle saphi. You can buy handmade silver jewelry, you can even watch them how they produce those beautiful jewelry. Very interesting. You can get some really nice pieces in high quality silver for a great price.

silver factory - handmade jewelry in Cusco
silver factory – handmade jewelry in Cusco

In my next post we are heading off to the Inca trail.

Have a great weekend.



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