Top 10 photos of Vivid 2015 Sydney

It’s been a week since the spectacular Vivid light festival in Sydney 2015 has finished. Before we move on let’s have a look at the top 10 vivid photos 2015:

1. Opera house in purple:

Vivid Sydney 2015
colourful opera house in Sydney

2. Opera house a bit different:

Vivid Sydney
Sydney opera house at vivid festival 2015

3. watch the ghosts:

Sydney opera house
the ghost take over the opera house

4. the light theatre show in Darling harbour

Sydney Vivid
Darling Harbour vivid light show

5. laser show in Darling harbour

Sydney Vivid
Vivid 2015 in Darling Harbour Sydney

6. the customs house covered in flowers:

Sydney Vivid
Customs house Sydney

7. the customs house a bit different:

Sydney Vivid
a different customs house in Sydney

8. the harbour bridge in red and blue:

Sydney Vivid 2015
Vivid 2015 – the harbour bridge in blue and red

9. Harbour bridge in blue

Sydney Vivid
Vivid 2015 Sydney Harbour bridge

10. colourful Sydney skyline from Milson’s Point:

Sydney Vivid
Sydney is alive in beautiful colours

I hope you enjoyed the photos. If you are interested in buying prints, check out my website: or contact me for licenses.

Have a wonderful week.


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  1. Oh wow, I didn’t realize they lit up the opera house in colored lights and patterns at night. Lovely shots here. Do you have any tips for doing night photography with bright lights?

    1. Hello Kim, Thanks for your comment. Yes, Sydney celebrates the vivid light festival each year from the end of May to beginning of June for 2 weeks. It is spectacular and very popular. Some tips for shooting at night: For the opera house photo I selected an ISO of 1,250 as the patterns were moving, so I needed to freeze the action; Aperture of F 5.0 and shutter speed of 0.5sec. The harbour bridge photos settings were different. No moving patterns, so I could use a slow shutter speed of 32 sec, ISO 100 and aperture of F.11 as I wanted the bridge to be very sharp and the ocean looking smooth. Happy shooting:) I hope you can visit Sydney’s vivid show next year.

    1. Well spotted. We had a work function at the Museum of Contemporary art on the top balcony. From 6pm we were meant to network with our accounting clients but all I could think of was networking with my camera:)

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