10 photos that make you want to travel from Cusco to Puno via bus

You just returned from Machu Picchu but you don’t want to leave Peru yet? Great choice. I recommend you take the tourist bus (there is a train option too) from Cusco to Puno which stops on some interesting points all the way to Puno. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the landscape from Cusco to Puno actually is. There is also a public bus option which is the budget version but it doesn’t stop for you to explore the scenery.

1. Let’s start with the first stop at Gate Rumicolca, an Inca site:

Inca site
Gate of Rumicolca; 30 km from Cusco, Peru

The Inca gates called Rumicolca were built on Wari foundations (pre Inca Wari culture). These gates were used as checkpoints for people entering Cusco.

2. remains of the gate of rumicolca:

the gate of rumicolca
the gate of rumicolca

3. curious Llamas on the way

animals peru
A curious llama

When you stop for a break, you can do some souvenir shopping and the Llamas will watch you.

4. Peruvian street dogs

street dogs in peru
dog in Peru

You will notice a lot of dogs on the streets in Peru. They are well behaved, so don’t be scared. The dogs always return to their home before 10pm. You don’t believe me? Just watch. The dogs are pretty smart and I noticed almost all of them actually are looking to the right and then to the left side before they cross a street. Yeah, I can hear you saying ‘sure’ – just watch:)

5. beautiful landscape in the Altiplano region

Altiplano region
the beautiful scenery when driving from Cusco to Puno

The cloud formation together with the beautiful mountain scenery are to dive in to and relax.

6. Some more amazing landscape on the way to Puno

Altiplano region
the lonely hut in nowhere

A lonely hut and dry grass surrounded by mountains.

7. Altiplano region

on the way from Cusco to Puno

Stillness and beauty.

8. on the top of the mountains

Altiplano mountain range in Peru
Altiplano mountain range in Peru

The snow covered mountains from the Altiplano region.

9. The giant plant which blossoms only once every century

Puya raimondii is the world's largest alpine plant growing 4,000m above sea level
Puya raimondii is the world’s largest alpine plant growing 4,000m above sea level

This giant plant is called Puya raimondii and is the largest alpine plant which grows 4,000m above sea level up to ten meters high. It blossoms only once each century. The leaves have a form of a rounded rosette with a diameter of 4 meters and the trunk can grow rapidly to 6 meters in height in only 1 month and 10,000 white flowers bloom all at once on the flower spine. So you can consider yourself really lucky when you can see this plant blossoming.

Have you seen it? Feel free to post your photos into the comment boxes below and link to your blog. I would love to see it.

10. Finally arrived in Puno with view over the lake

panorama of Puno
Puno panorama, Lake Titicaca

Now you made it to Puno and you have seen some amazing beautiful scenery on the way. Let’s explore Lake Titicaca in my following travel post about Peru.

Stay tuned.

Have a great day.

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