Why is the kangaroo the symbol of Australia?

What comes to your mind when thinking of Australia? For me it is the kangaroo. It is the symbol for Australia but why?

The Australian symbol ‘the Kangaroo’ appeared first in 1773 with the publication of an official account of Captain Cook’s first voyage to the Pacific. Captain Cook’s HM Bark Endeavour arrived back in England in 1771 and carried a number of different types of plants and animals. One of them was a kangaroo, shot at Endeavour River for voyage naturalist Joseph Banks. He commissioned George Stubbs to paint a portrait of the kangaroo.

After that the kangaroo quickly became a symbol of Australia. Since Federation in 1901, the kangaroo can be found on coins and emblems, stamps and is a mascot at sporting events.

The kangaroo and the emu are bearers on the Australian coat of arms. Those animals were chosen to signify a country moving ‘forward’ because of a belief that neither can move backward.

Below is a photo of a kangaroo I have taken in Tasmania.

Australia’s symbol the kangaroo

A Kangaroo mum with little Joey.

kangaroo baby
kangaroo baby

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.”

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