Why Buenos Aires should be on your bucket list

You arrived in Buenos Aires and now what? Where to stay, what to do and see might be your next question. I was in Buenos Aires three times last year, unfortunately it was raining all the time but lucky it stopped at least for a few hours. However, with your right mindset it doesn’t really matter as there are lots of things you can visit and do indoors.

I stayed in a really nice small hotel in Recoleta. The neighborhood is a very nice and safe area for people who are interested in historical and architectural buildings. The famous Recoleta cemetery is the place where Eva Peron is resting after her death in 1952. She was the second wife of Argentinian President Juan Peron and served as the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death.

If you like, go and visit the Pink house (Casa Rosada) and the famous balcony you know from the musical Evita on which Juan and Eva Peron were preaching to the Argentinians. It is located on Plaza de Mayo.

Pink hous Argentina
Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires

and here is a photo of the famous balcony:

The famous balcony of the pink house in Buenos Aires
The famous balcony of the pink house in Buenos Aires

Enjoy some time inside Casa Rosada in the courtyard:

inside the pink house of Eva Peron in Buenos Aires

and the beautiful architecture:

The pink house of Eva Peron in Buenos Aires
The pink house of Eva Peron in Buenos Aires

Don’t miss to visit the Cathedral from Buenos Aires.

church argentina
Cathedral from Buenos Aires

Enough from sightseeing? Stroll along the streets of Buenos Aires.

streets of Buenos Aires
streets of Buenos Aires

You want to stop for a bit of shopping? There are plenty of opportunities in Buenos Aires but if you are rather interested in art have a look at the ‘Galerias Pacifico‘ –  shopping mall with its majestic painting on the ceiling; it is on street Florida 787.

majestic art on the shopping mall ceiling
Galerias Pacifico shopping mall in Buenos Aires with its famous painting on the ceiling

Another interesting place to see is the well known book store El Ateneo Grand Splendid. For more details please read my previous post el ateneo grand splendid:

El Ateneo Grand Splendid
El Ateneo Grand Splendid the famous book store in Buenos Aires

What would be Argentina without a nice glass of Malbec? Have a rest in Aldo’s Vinoteca in Calle Moreno, 372 MonserratBuenos Aires. 

wine in Buenos Aires
Aldo’s vinoteka in Buenos Aires

La Boca is worth a visit but I recommend to come back to the city before it is getting dark.

the cat is watching the tourists in La Boca

The suburb which I really liked was San Telmo. San Telmo has its charm, is a bit arty with its weekly markets, cafes and restaurants. Don’t miss to visit this neighborhood and stay overnight if you can.

Take some tango lessons and enjoy the dinner show.

I will share some photos about San Telmo in my next travel post. A little preview here:

cafe La poesia in San Telmo, Buenos Aires
cafe La poesia in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Stay tuned. Happy travel.

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