Why should you visit San Telmo in Buenos Aires

Hola, welcome to Buenos Aires, the city of the tango. If you have missed my previous posts on Buenos Aires:

Now I would like to show you around in San Telmo, an arty neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. It is one of the oldest suburbs in Buenos Aires which is blessed with cobblestoned streets, an amazing weekly antique street market on Sundays and many great cafes and restaurants. San Telmo has its own flair which you don’t want to miss.

Where is San Telmo situated? It lies six blocks from Plaza de Mayo, bounded to the north and south by the Microcentro and La Boca, and to the east and west by Puerto Madero and Avenida 9 de Julio. Walking through the market in San Telmo, listening to the tango music and watching the dancers on the streets felt like I was arrived in Argentina, everything else was like being in a big city but this neighbourhood with its special charm got me.

When you walk through the alleys in San Telmo you can see a lot of amazing graffiti street art.

street art
Graffiti art in San Telmo
San Telmo
graffitti art in the streets of Buenos Aires
San Telmo
Welcome to San Telmo in Buenos Aires. This is one of the most beautiful graffitti art I have ever seen.
San Telmo, Buenos Aires
graffitti art in the streets of Buenos Aires
street art in Buenos Aires
in the streets of San Telmo

San Telmo has some charming cafes and restaurants to chill out and to enjoy an empanada.

cafe San Telmo
cafe La poesia in San Telmo, Buenos Aires
San Telmo cafe
colourful cafe in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

When strolling through the streets of San Telmo I came across the smallest house in Buenos Aires, how fascinating.

Casa minima
the smallest house in Buenos Aires (Casa minima)

Buenos is a great city to visit but I couldn’t wait to escape into the nature of Patagonia. Stay tuned for my posts on the beautiful South of Argentina and Chile.

Happy travel.

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