Photos that make you want to travel to Patagonia

You love being in nature, hiking in the mountains and always wanted to go to Southamerica? I have a solution for you, Patagonia has it all – beautiful colours, breathtaking landscapes, lots of trekking possibilities, ice glaciers and wildlife you haven’t seen before.

When you are flying to El Calafate and are about to land, you will notice the turbulences. Don’t worry – it is very windy in Patagonia, that is normal. I will tell you some wind stories from Torres del Paine later but first I want to introduce you to Fitz Roy National Park.

The landscape you pass when you are on your way from El Calafate to El Chalten cannot be described in words. The colours of the glacier lakes are amazing, believe me there is no photoshop processing involved – it is real. I have never seen such a beautiful landscape before.

Colours in Patagonia
the amazing colours of Patagonia

Further on the way to El Chalten we could see the clouds formation which is just incredible.

Fitz Roy National Park in Patagonia

This road leads to El Chalten. Behind the clouds you can see the Fitz Roy mountains.

the road to Fitzroy Nationalpark in Patagonia
the road to Fitzroy Nationalpark in Patagonia

The weather in Patagonia can change quickly and you might have 4 seasons in one day. I was there in December which is the beginning of summer but don’t expect it to be that hot. Arrived in the sunshine the first rain cloud came in.

storm clouds
storm clouds over Fitz Roy NP, Patagonia

The next morning we started the 22km hike within the Glacier National Park’s northern end, where granite pinnacles spiral upward into the sky from the third largest ice field on earth.

El Chalten
Fitz Roy glacier lake

Luckily it was not too windy, just cold in the morning which is fine once you are dressed up with a beanie, scarf, warm jumper and windproof jacket. The walk is pretty easy and good manageable. That photo has been taken from one of the viewpoints we have passed. Seeing the huge glacier is incredible.

hiking along the glacier lake
Fitz Roy glacier lake

You can go all the way up to the glacier and walk around it.

The hike to the glacier lake is moderate with clearly marked and well-maintained trails, though there are some challenges in and between.

The last one hour up to the top was one of the challenging parts, a very steep hike. We were lucky and the sun was shining which means it was pretty hot. So now you need to pack your warm layers back into your bag and walk around in a t-shirt. Yes, that is Patagonia for you.

Once arrived at the top of the glacier lake, Laguna de Los Tres, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, what a stunning view. The lake was so clear, still and so peaceful. The glacier lake was like a mirror. The sky showed itself from its best side. What a nice place to chill out and enjoy some lunch.

the amazing sky over Fitz Roy mountain, Patagonia.
the amazing sky over Fitz Roy mountain, Patagonia.

When you keep walking you reach another beautiful lagoon with an awe-inspiring view:

Lagoon in Fitz Roy NP, Patagonia
Lagoon in Fitz Roy NP, Patagonia

On the way back to El Chalten (another 4 hours) you see more of the beautiful landscape.

Los tres
Fitz Roy mountain

The glacier creeks have the best water you can drink; it is absolutely safe and tasty. Fill your bottles and enjoy.

water creek Patagonia
Fitz Roy mountain

…and here my favourite photo which summarises the beautiful Fitz Roy National park. The ‘Parque Nacional Los Glaciares’ has some of the most spectacular natural sights you will see in your lifetime.

A beautiful day in Fitz Roy National Park in Patagonia.
A beautiful day in Fitz Roy National Park in Patagonia.

That was just the beginning of the Patagonia journey. From here it goes to Perito Moreno Glacier and Torres del Paine NP before we reach ‘fireland’ and the most southern city of the world ‘Ushuaia’.

Happy travel.


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