Life can be like a soap bubble

Walking through Central Park in New York can be really enjoyable. You see pure nature, beautiful art, dancing acrobats and fun artist like this guy who was blowing big soap bubbles. It is a joy to watch people and dog’s reaction to it. Adults are mostly ignoring it and keep walking, the kids are running after the bubbles with big smiles and dogs trying to catch and bite into the bubbles.

Reflecting on that, our lives can be like a soap bubble.

Soap bubbles are colourful like our dreams and we follow them. If we have faith and believe in it, opportunities suddenly show up just in front of us – like a soap bubble. We get excited and trying to catch it.

central park
life can be like a soap bubble

Chase your dreams, achieve your goals and celebrate success. Don’t forget to open your mind in order to see the choices given to you. Stop worrying and being sad about issues you may have in your life as it will stop you from seeing what is actually happening right in front of you. Don’t be blind. Do not hesitate, grab your chances and enjoy the moment.

catching a soap bubble is like chasing our dreams
catching a soap bubble is like chasing our dreams

Remember, if we wait for too long, the bubble will just disappear as quickly as it showed up. Life is too short, so go and get started, open your mind and catch your dreams otherwise you might miss out in life.

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