Ten reasons why dogs are amazing animals

I decided to dedicate this week’s photo challenge “eye-spy” to Luna. She was the beautiful dog of my brother and his girlfriend. Unfortunately Luna passed away a few weeks ago due to lung cancer. May she rest in peace now. She will always be a part of our hearts.

Loosing a pet is heartbreaking. I lost two dogs who were close to my heart in the past and thinking about it feels like it just happened some months ago. We are getting easily attached to dogs who are lucky to share their life with us. Why are dogs so special to us? Read below the 10 reasons why dogs are amazing animals to be around with:

may Luna rest in peace.
  1. Dogs love you unconditionally. It doesn’t matter how you look like, how you feel like or how much attention you give to your dog today (just make sure your dog gets the daily portion of food though:). Your dog still loves you.
  2. Dogs have an EQ (emotional intelligence). Lot’s of people actually don’t. They quickly pick up on your mood and adapt to you. Are you sad, your dog will sit next to you and be there for you. If you feel happy and full of energy, your dog will feel the same and gets the ball to play with you.
  3. You are coming back home from work and feeling stressed? Your dog will change this situation immediately. Dogs welcome you with their wagging tail and big smile in their face, jump at you to say hello.
  4. Dogs love to socialise. They love being surrounded by people or other dogs. Where ever you go and what ever you do, dogs want to be part of it.
  5. They bring joy to your heart and love to play. Playing dogs can go crazy. We were used to say our dog had his 5 minutes going “gaga”. It is fun watching and playing with them.
  6. Dogs are very smart animals. If you learn them tricks they are very eager to learn and pick it up very quickly. They in the end will trick you if you don’t pay attention.
  7. If one animal is very loyal to humans it has to be the dog. There are stories that a dog was guarding the graveyard of his owner who passed away. Only dogs will do that.
  8. Dogs make you forget your worries the minute you look into their cute eyes. You cannot help yourself but to smile. Smiling is like medicine.
  9. As a dog owner you become healthier without the need of going to the gym. Your dog needs to go for a walk at least twice to three times a day. No excuse, bad weather does not exist for a dog.
  10. Dogs protect you in your home. Dogs help people in need like the guide dogs or rescue dogs trained to find people in emergency situations.
Luna's eyes
Luna’s eyes

Who ever has had or has a dog understands how special these animals are for us. Unfortunately not every dog gets the right treatment from human beings. I hope that each dog will find a lovely dog owner who treats them with respect and understands their nature and appreciates them.

May Luna rest in peace. She definitely was one of the lucky dogs who had very special and lovely dog owners who only gave her the best she could have. Luna will always remember them and lives now in happy dog’s heaven playing with all the other dogs people have lost.

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  1. peace an love thoughtz to U an lunas family! she lewked like an awesome aminal :)…i have lost a couple in the last year an almost lost another the other day so i can relate ……amazin how my dogs become attached to me like another human or better also…

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