The christmas season in Sydney – part 2

You know christmas is on its way when Martin Place in Sydney is turning into this colourful beautiful scene.

The buildings showing some beautiful christmas light projections and people can play with the interactive christmas tree.

Christmas in Australia
christmas tree in Martin Place, Sydney

Each big city has its own version of a christmas tree. Sydney has an interactive christmas tree in Martin Place every year. It is not just a visual spectacle for people to see but you can actually jump on an interactive dance pad, text or tweet your message to a certain telephone number or #sydxmastree. Your message will then be displayed as text on the tree’s decoration.

Happy christmas to everyone

Martin Place at christmas
christmas tree in Sydney 2015


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  1. How nice to see a picture of the place I read about in a guide two days ago – and such a colourful one. Looking forward to my visit to Sydney and meeting you Alexandra, I love your work. And also glad that I’ll escape the European winter and enjoy some summer time down under.

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