Change to create a different tomorrow

Why are most people afraid of change? Is it because you feel comfortable in the situation you are in or you are unsure how something different will be like? You probably think it will be hard work or you don’t get the things you have at the moment or whatever excuses you come up with. Sorry but I call it excuses to stay where you are and not wanting to change. So, to summarise, you rather stay unhappy with yourself and keep doing the things you currently do just to avoid change? I will be a bit harsh now: then stop being unhappy. It is your life made up of your choices. If you don’t like it you need to change it or stop complaining about it. This is being negative and being afraid to embrace new chances in life.

Some of us might be thrown into a change, thinking of redundancies in companies. You might have ever hated it there anyways but you felt comfortable and were scared of change.

Have you ever thought of a change being something positive? New opportunities will come up as long as your mindset is open to see it. Change means excitement, new learning, new people, new experiences and new joy and a fantastic life. See change as something which happened for a reason to you. Embrace it and take on all opportunities you are given in that moment. You might not see it straight away as you are caught up in your past. If you recognise an opportunity given to you, take it as it is meant to be in your life for a reason.

Believe in the positive in this world. Embrace change and see new chances flowing into your life.

“Change is one of the most vibrant elements we can use to create a different tomorrow.” – Steven Redhead, Keys to the law of creation

That photo has been taken in the Loro park in Tenerife. The penguin was about to jump into the water. I love penguins and could not stop watching them. He was not quite sure if to jump into the water, hesitated a bit but in the end made it into the water. Go for change.

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