From Stress to Success – Day #2 Clear away the obstacles

Hi everyone:) How was day #1 for you? You set your goals and are ready to go? Oh, you missed the first day? No problem, you can still jump in.  Oh, hang on, yes you have set a goal but obstacles are in the way? Great. Now, let’s work on that: Clear away your goal’s obstacles, you can watch the video instead here . Hmm, that sounds juicy.

Obstacle number 1 – Overwhelm and how to overcome it:

We all might remember a time, where you set a goal which sounded fantastic and got you pumped but then you looked at it going: holy moly, how am I going to achieve this? Where do I start? Overwhelm gets in the way. I have this all the time. My goals are big, and if I don’t break it down, nothing is going to happen as I find all sorts of excuses why something else is suddenly more important. A big goal is most likely to cause you even more stress.

So, what do I do then?

Easy, break your big goal into little chunks and set a timeframe next to it, so you know when you want to have the small goals accomplished by. It is so easy but yet does wonders. You will feel great once you can tick off all your little goals. It boosts your energy.

Obstacle number 2 – fear and how to clear it:

Then there are other obstacles like limiting beliefs. Oh yes, now it is getting juicy here. Remember a part of our brain called: critter brain wants you always to be safe. So it keeps reminding you of what you always did, even though it did not do any good to you. The minute you are trying to change for the better, your critter brain comes up, knocking on your door and saying: “Hey, what are you doing? Stay where you are, I don’t know what you are doing, but it doesn’t feel safe because I don’t know it.” Remember, this is just your inner voice trying to convince you to stay where you are. Now, do you want to stay where you are or do you want to achieve great things for yourself? I bet the latter is your truth.

So, next time this inner voice comes up which might be saying to you: “Really, you? You are going to fail anyway. What do you mean, you can reach this goal, are you joking?” This kind of voice needs to shut up! Give that voice a name and tell it to go away. Now envision you achieving your goal and having it already. Stay at that moment and take a small action step towards your goal.

That’s what it is, a ‘limiting’ beliefs. You are the one limiting it. Ask yourself where does this belief come from and what is the real message underneath? Now ask yourself if this is the truth….most likely you will find that it is not. Then turn this negative belief into a positive power statement, have it with you and read it numerous times during the day, especially in the morning before you go to work and in the evening before you go to bed.

Now let’s get into the action steps for day #2:

1. Write down one of your goals that you’d love to accomplish but feel overwhelmed by.

Next, list seven or fewer of the highest priority action steps that you could do that would allow you to accomplish this goal.

2. If any of these smaller action steps still feel overwhelming, chunk each one down even further into smaller actions. Keep chunking your activities until you feel that you have a clear road ahead to the accomplishment of your goal.

3. After you’ve chunked this overwhelming and stressful goal down into easy action – steps, then decide the priority that you would love to do them in.


I accomplish my big goals one simple step at a time.

Now write your affirmation in your journal or on a separate piece of paper.

Overcome the obstacles and reach the top of your goal.

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Stay tuned for day 3 action steps.



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