From stress to success Day #3 – Prioritise

Hi everyone. How are you going with your actions steps so far? Comment on how you go and if you have any questions. In case you missed day #1 and day #2, don’t worry, you are still good to join in. So, now you set your goals and cleared the blocks. Next step is to prioritise your goals. This is today’s challenge.

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What has prioritising to do with success?

Prioritising means organising, and to organise is to transform stress into success. So that basically means that you will be rewarded in life to the degree that you can master the ability to organise any chaos.

Successful people plan and prioritise their lives. Stressful people live in an unplanned, unorganised life and work on things which are not important.
To fail to plan is to plan to fail. Oh, juicy right? Did I trigger one of you already? Stay tuned, that’s what we are going to address right here.

You might have observed people in your environment and noticed that people who live their lives without prioritising tasks feel as if they always run out of time each day, accomplishing nearly nothing. They are busy and working all day but are not productive. They get lost in their day and end up draining other people’s energy because they need urgent help. 
Then, on the other hand, you have people who plan their day ahead, prioritise their tasks accordingly to what is essential, don’t waste time on the noise and get stuff done. They are the high achievers and have more spare time in the end. Those who plan ahead stay ahead.

Don’t be confused by busyness with productivity. You may have been busy all day but not productive. This happens when we fill our day with low priority tasks or are in the “put the fire out” mode. Those add up to our stress level.

Remember, if you don’t fill your day with high-priority tasks, the low priority actions will sneak into your day, and you will be busy all day doing nothing. So, it’s up to you to prioritise your day. Successful people determine what is truly important in their lives and make those things a top priority.

This photo helps you to prioritise your tasks. Get the important stuff done and entirely ditch the noise. Otherwise, the tasks become urgent, and you end up putting out fires and exhausted from stress.


Practical action steps:

  1. Each morning, before starting your day, decide what the seven highest priorities are that you can do on that day to help you bring more fulfilling success into your life.
  2. Write down those 7 action steps on a to-do list and have it with you all day. Do this every day.
  3. Think about the top priority actions right now.


I plan my day, I prioritise my plan, and I am productive because of this priority.

Write down your own affirmation to make it more useful.

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Stay tuned for day 3 action steps.


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