From Stress to Success Day #4 – act on top priorities

Welcome to tip #4 of the 31 days from stress to success challenge:

Act on top priorities.

Now in day #1 to 3 we’ve set our goals, cleared away the obstacles, planned and written down our seven highest priorities that you can you to help you bring more fulfilling success into your life.

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Fantastic, now I invite you to turn your top priorities into action steps. Without acting on it, nothing is getting accomplished.

I invite you to ask yourself every morning:

What are the highest priority action steps I can do today that will help me fulfil my life’s work?

I encourage you to develop a habit and discipline of following through on them. Yes, you can form it into a pattern as every other routine you do on a daily basis. You might want to consider to check on yourself every hour if you are still working on a high priority task. If you realise you are dealing with distractions and noise, dump it and go back to your top priority action steps.

Practical action steps for today:

Act on your seven highest priority action steps every day. Write them down each morning. Create a daily routine and plant the seeds for success.

Keep yourself on track and have the list right in front of you, so you get reminded continuously throughout the day. If you are at home, place it on your table, mirror or fridge. If you have the list right in front of you, the more likely, you are to follow your action steps.

Ask a friend, your partner or a family member to remind you until it becomes second nature to you.


I am disciplined, and I focus on my top priorities; therefore, I am successful.

Act on your top activities, jump right into it and get it done.


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Stay tuned for day 5 action steps.


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