From stress to success day #8: do selective reading

Welcome to day #8 of the 31-day challenge: from stress to success. Today’s secret to success is:

Do selective reading

When protecting our own stress level, it is important what we expose ourselves to. You may have noticed if you are around a person who is very negative and all that person does is complaining. After talking to that person, you feel depressed and down. The negative energy of someone else transferred to you. The same applies to anything you read and watch on TV. If we read all the negative stories in the newspaper, social media or watch it on TV, that negative energy sticks to you like glue. Why do we keep doing this and soak up other people’s negative vibes and anxieties? If we read about how stressful people’s lives are, you can attune to and become stuck in that same level of stress.

My advice to you is to be selective in what you read. Choose those that will focus you on the success the most, the stories which will inspire you and keep your energy level high. Collect inspirational, motivational stories from books, newspapers and magazines.

Remember when you read an inspiring book or watched a video about someone sharing their motivational success stories? How did you feel after that? You felt tremendous and pumped which you make get started with your own action steps towards your goals.

I got rid of my TV two years ago and don’t miss watching TV at all. I stopped reading any dramas or sad stories but replaced those books with inspirational books about self-help, self – development and spirituality.

While others watching TV, I am indulging myself in inspiring stories, learn more about humanity or create content for my business. This keeps my heart sing:)

Action Steps:

1. Keep a book of inspirational short stories or poems next to your bed. Read at least one page every night before you sleep.

2. Have a calendar of inspirational quotes in your home or have quotes on your fridge so you can see it every day.

3. Use an inspirational quote photo as a desktop background on your computer, laptop or phone.

4. If you read a newspaper, see how many upbeat or success stories you can collect and compile. These can be great conversation pieces to share with your friends and co-workers during the day. Skip the negative articles.


I focus on the successful, motivating stories of others. I am inspired to greatness!


inspirational book
my selective reading: The courage to be creative from Doreen Virtue

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