Day #13 from stress to success: Eat light, moderate meals

Welcome to day #13 of the 31-day challenge: from stress to success. Today’s secret to success is:

Eat light, moderate meals

“You are what you eat.” In addition to that, it is also important “when and how much” you eat.

How many of us have overeaten late at night and have felt stuffed and tired the next day? Late night eating does not energise us or make us feel good. It is actually adding to our stress level. Having no eating rhythm can also throw our bodies off. When eating you want to make sure you eat moderately, consistently and at certain times. Allow yourself to have at least 12 hours fasting time between your last meal and breakfast.

I am German and used to have a warm lunch and only something light for dinner. When I moved to Australia, I noticed it was the other way round. I still stick to my way as I was used to doing it this way. However, I learned that eating light for dinner is actually healthier and in line with our body’s energy. When eating a meal, it is wise to have at least 3 hours to digest your food before you go to bed. It helps you to sleep better too.

What you eat can make a huge difference. Listen to your inner voice. How do you feel after eating certain foods? Does the food you are eating make you feel energised or sluggish? Everybody is different. In the end make sure you have a balanced diet, which means lots of vegetables, some fruits, only a bit of grain and your preferred protein. Your body knows exactly what is right for you.

Don’t get too caught up in all the diets out there. Diets don’t work as they are based on deprivation, what you cannot have. Instead, you want to focus on what you get to eat. Fill your body with food which energises you and substitute the food which makes you feel tired or even bloated. There are so many healthy substitutes available. Choose also food which is helping your body to alkalise. I am going to write an article about alkalising food soon, stay tuned for more information. Balance is essential, choose to have your treat or cheat meal once a week and enjoy it.

Eating only when you are hungry, eating less rather than more, and eating light at night, your whole body will feel more energised and in tune with success in life.

Action Step:

1. When you eat in the evening, prepare moderate-sized meals, preferably at least three hours before going to bed. If you feel that you have overeaten, don’t go to sleep immediately; instead, go for a walk or do some gentle exercises to stimulate your metabolism. The lighter you eat, the sooner you can relax on the couch or go to bed.

2. If you do find yourself overeating, chew your food more times and eat more slowly. If you are dining out, just don’t order so much. If you prepare your food at home, only cook the amount you want to eat.


I eat wisely. Every bite I take builds my dreams of success.

eat light

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