Love like you will never get hurt, dance like nobody is watching and live like it is the heaven on earth


Live your life with pure joy every day. Do whatever you feel like without being worried that somebody might be watching and judging you.

Dance like nobody is watching. People are most likely busy with themselves. I have seen people on the dance floor who had so much fun and go crazy. They might not have been the best dancers but that doesn’t matter. They were just enjoying themselves which is so much more attractive to me than somebody who is just showing off thousands of moves but doesn’t have fun or doesn’t feel the music. Whatever feels right to you, go for it. People who judge are just being negative and dissatisfied with their own life.

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Follow your dreams, stop being scared and do it anyways

rainbow colours

I wish you all a happy and healthy new year 2016. May 2016 be the year you follow your dreams and forget about your worries and fears. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because that just means you tried new things, you learned something new, you lived your life and pushed yourself out of your comfort zone. Change yourself and your life. Do things you have never done before; this might be in art, love, family, life or work.

Don’t stop, don’t freeze and don’t worry that whatever you do is not good enough or not perfect. You will never find out if you don’t try.

Whatever it is you are scared of doing, Do it anyways. Live your life to its fullest potential; only then you will see the rainbow in your life.

Happy new year.

rainbow colours
waves with rainbow colours

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

xmas tree decoration

It is the joyful Christmas time of the year again; but what is the real meaning of Christmas?

It is not about the presents under the christmas tree, the light in the windows, the turkey or duck for Christmas day lunch with family and friends. For many people it can be a time of sorrow as they cannot afford buying presents for their kids, family and friends or don’t even have enough money to cook the turkey or duck.

Christmas is about love; it is a reminder of the great love that god has shown us in giving us the gift of this son. We are celebrating christmas out of gratitude for what god did for us. We remember the birth of Jesus by giving each other gifts, worshipping him and being especially conscious of the poor and less fortunate.

Christmas is a time of being grateful for what you have, being with family and friends and enjoying each other’s company.

Jesus’ birth brought great joy and Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season.


xmas tree decoration
christmas bokeh
xmas tree decoration
colourful christmas bokeh
christmas bisquits
christmas bisquits

Merry Christmas.