Be happy and see the good in everything

orchid in Black and white

I took this photo of an orchid in the rainforest in Costa Rica when it was raining all day. I could have been annoyed about the rain and unhappy about my trip but instead I was talking to myself – ‘well, there is a good in everything, you just need to look for it’. So I went out and took photos of the flowers. The freshly-laid raindrops added some additional sparkle and glimmer to the orchids. Now I was happy to be in the rain.

When reflecting on that, not everything in life is always positive but if we look closely we can see the good things. I believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we were meant to learn a lesson which leads us to a better path in life.

Be happy …not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything.

orchid in Black and white
the magic orchid in the rain

10 photos that make you want to travel from Cusco to Puno via bus


You just returned from Machu Picchu but you don’t want to leave Peru yet? Great choice. I recommend you take the tourist bus (there is a train option too) from Cusco to Puno which stops on some interesting points all the way to Puno. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the landscape from Cusco to Puno actually is. There is also a public bus option which is the budget version but it doesn’t stop for you to explore the scenery.

1. Let’s start with the first stop at Gate Rumicolca, an Inca site:

Inca site
Gate of Rumicolca; 30 km from Cusco, Peru

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The best rainbow photos from Iguazu

rainbow Iguazu

Seeing the Iguazu falls from the Brasilian and the Argentinian side is already breathtaking and amazing but also being able to see rainbows and double rainbows over the falls is just incredible.

Have you been there already? Then you know what I am talking about. If not, have a look at some rainbow images from Iguazu which makes you wanna travel to Southamerica straight away.

rainbow Iguazu
the double rainbow in Iguazu

The double rainbow over the devil’s throat:

Devil's throat
the double rainbow over the devil’s throat

View to the Argentinian side.

rainbow over Iguazu
rainbow over Iguazu

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Roy G. Biv.”

Have a lovely day.


Open your heart and let the sunshine in

park of love

When you open your heart and let the sunshine in, you will live your life to its fullest potential.

The park of love in Lima, Peru, has some interesting and fascinating mosaics designed by Peruvian artist Victor Delfin which were inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s Parque Guell in Barcelona. The photo of the mosaic below is showing the sun overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the Miraflores suburb in Lima.

What comes to my mind when looking at the sunshine mosaic is to open up your heart and let the sunshine in. Your heart is connected to your feelings. Have you ever been in situations where you trusted your gut, you made a decision based on your feelings because it simply felt right to go a certain way? Your heart was telling you what to do. Or did you make decisions in life which came from your brain and in the end you tell yourself ‘oh, i just should have listened to my gut’ then I wouldn’t have ended up in that situation?

Sometimes our brain is telling us to go a different directions in life. That doesnt’ mean it is a bad thing but mostly our brain considers fears, being comfortable in doing things we know and in the end enforces us to make safe decisions. Have you ever wondered if you missed out in life? I am pretty sure we all have experienced this. However, I hope you are one of them who learned from it and started to trust your instinct.

Once you listen to your feelings and stop worrying about how other people think about you and your decisions, you will realise how good life feels. When you open your heart, take some risks and follow your instinct, you will be able to live your life to its fullest potential. Get out of your comfort zone and experience life. It is fun and makes you feel being alive. Don’t let your fears bring you down and step back in life. Trust your gut as it is mostly the right feeling from your heart.

Open your heart and let the sunshine in.

park of love
Let us get lost in the sun and it will shine in our hearts

Do you have any experiences and stories you want to share about trusting your instinct? Feel free to comment below.

I wish you a happy day.



You are my sunshine


Who is your sunshine? A couple in love watching the sunrise.

I love that photo; my friends who came all the way from Germany to Sydney are sitting on this bench and watching the sunrise. We got up very early at around 4:45am that day, walked to Shelly beach and were watching the sunrise. I knew I wanted to capture both sitting on the bench and this beautiful tree showing as a silhouette. In order to get this effect I had to take two exposures, layer and merge it into one image in Photoshop.

A couple in love watching the sunrise.

You are my sunshine

Couple in love watching the sunrise

Being happy when skies are grey

Flower in the rainforest

Even though skies can be grey on a rainy day, there is always beauty around us if you open your eyes.

I travelled to Costa Rica and stayed in an eco lodge (Hotel Quelitales) near Cartago last year in December. Unfortunately when I was there it was raining all day. This hotel is located in the rainforest. It is a really nice place and the chef cooks fantastic fresh food from the garden.

When the rain stopped for a while I immediately took my camera to take some photos of the colourful flowers. I love the fresh look of flowers when raindrops are sitting on the petals which highlight the vibrant colours. Even though the sky was grey you could see the beauty in nature.

When reflecting on that – Life is not always sunshine but when you look deeper you can see the positive things in life and move on.

Life can be amazing and colourful when skies are grey


Flower in the rainforest
walking through the rain forest in Costa Rica is paradise for flower lovers

What are the essentials of happiness?


What is essential for being happy?

One Saturday I was watching some surfers in Bronte Beach, Sydney. They had so much fun surfing. Surfers are living the essentials of happiness to me:

something to do,

something to love and

something to hope for.

A happy surfer is living happiness – something to do, something to love and something to hope for
Do what you love doing.

Happy day.


See the moonlight? Life is pretty amazing.

Moonlight reflections

Life is pretty amazing when you stop and look around.

The other night I observed the moon shining over Sydney’s ocean. I was excited to get out to capture the beautiful moonlight and the reflection in the water. The light was magical.

These are the moments were you just stop, stand still for a moment and enjoy the beauty of our mother nature.

Most people are getting caught up in their daily routine: getting up in the morning, rushing with breakfast or not even have one, getting a coffee on the go, hurrying up to get on the train or bus and into work, working for long hours, going home, dinner and sleep. Does it sound like you? How many times a day do you actually stand still for a moment and observe our surrounding? How many times a day do you look into the sky and wonder how beautiful the clouds are? Do you pay attention and actually watch the sunrise or the sunset and what about the moonlight?

Were you answering most of those questions with No? Stop rushing and take your time in the morning when you go to work, have a look at the sunrise, go for a walk during your lunch break and watch the sky. After work enjoy the sunset. Stop rushing through the day and stand still for a minute, look around and see what our planet is made of.

Moonlight reflections
Moonlight in Cronulla, Sydney

Because when you stop & look around, this life is pretty amazing.

Have a happy beautiful day.


What does off season mean in Australia?

sunrise at the beach

What is off season in Sydney, Australia?

Off season to me is winter where temperatures are still very pleasant. The beaches are empty; literally nobody was out here early in the morning when I took the photo of the sunrise. Winter is very peaceful and quiet.

This is a HDR – photo (3 different exposures) taken in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia.

Enjoy your off-season.

sunrise at the beach
winter in Sydney – empty beaches in the morning

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Off-Season.”

Is it worth fighting for everything? Don’t worry and be happy.

monkeys Costa Rica

Aren’t we all sometimes in situations were we fight with our friend, partner or family and then you reflect and wonder if it was worth it?

When I was in Costa Rica in Manuel Antonio National park I was watching the two monkeys for a while. They were fighting, screaming at each other and running around like crazy. Suddenly they stopped and it was absolutely quiet. They looked very exhausted. I knew I had to get this shot. Two exhausted monkeys hanging on the tree – too funny.

…but hang on…this reminded me of some situations we face in life. When you are fighting with one of your loved ones and you feel exhausted and upset after it, just stop for a minute and think about it. Was it worth it fighting for? Maybe not? Come on, life can be short.

monkeys Costa Rica
enough with fighting, we are so exhausted now.

Enjoy life together and stop fighting about little and non important things; it might be a first world problem when you really think about it.

Don’t worry and be happy

Have a lovely day.