The one day Inca trek to Machu Picchu

You want to do the Inca trail but you are not keen on camping? No problem at all.

There is an option to do a one-day hike to Machu Picchu. That was perfect for me. The hike goes for roughly 6 hours and is approximately 12 km long. Bear in mind it can be pretty steep at times. It is amazing to experience the excitement of hiking to the magic place Machu Picchu. After an exhausting day, the bus will take you to Agua Calientes, where you can relax, have some Pisco Sour and one of the delicious Peruvian dishes, sleep well and get up early in the morning to see the sunrise at Machu Picchu. Don’t worry, now you can take the bus up there.

The tour started on the train from Ollantaytambo to Agua Calientes. The train is very comfortable, they serve some snacks and something to drink. My recommendation is to use the bathroom before you leave the train for your hike. You will get off at km 104 where the fun begins.

Check in on the entrance at the Inca trail and start embracing the beautiful scenery and some smaller Inca sites on the way.

Here is where the one day hike to Machu Picchu starts
Here is where the one day hike to Machu Picchu starts
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Essen und Tanzen in Cusco – Teil 2

Es ist nun schon einige Monate her, seitdem ich in Cusco war. Wie ich doch diese Stadt ins Herz gefasst habe. Ich kann nicht erklaeren wieso, aber Cusco war ziemlich speziell fuer mich. Nun sitze ich hier in Sydney und schreibe ueber Cusco, Fernweh kommt auf.

Spaziergaenge durch die beeindruckende Stadt, deren Peruvische Gerichte auszuprobieren und natuerlich Salsa und Bachata tanzen war alles, was ich brauchte, um gluecklich zu sein.

Im Falle, Sie haben meinen letzten Beitrag ueber Cusco nocht nicht gelesen, kein Problem, hier ist der link:

1. Peruvische Kueche in Cusco

Cusco hat jede Menge netter Restaurants, in denen Sie unbedingt die Peruvanischen Gerichte probieren sollten.

Das Foto ist vom Restaurant ‘Nuna Raymi’, was uebersetzt heisst: ‘Fest der Seelen’. Ein sehr suesses Restaurant; das Essen war genial. Probieren Sie “Al Paca”, das ist ein sehr mageres Fleisch. Der link zu deren Webseite fuer mehr Informationen:

restaurant in Cusco
Nuna Raymi – Festival of the soul

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Food- and dancing guide for Cusco – part 2

It’s been a few months since I visited Cusco. I loved this city in Peru. Sitting here in Sydney and writing about it, makes we want to go back. I cannot explain what it is but Cusco felt very special to me.

Walking around the beautiful city, trying Peruvian cuisine and dancing to Salsa and Bachata made my days in Cusco.

If you have missed my part 1 of my Cusco series, it is not too late. Click here to read and see the photos:

1. Food heaven Cusco

Cusco has a lot of nice restaurants where you should try the local food.

The photo below is from the restaurant ‘Nuna Raymi’ which means ‘festival of the soul’. What is real and what is a painting? It’s both in one – go and check out this restaurant; it looks very cute and the food is amazing. Try the Al Paca. Here the link to their website:

restaurant in Cusco
Nuna Raymi – Festival of the soul

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Why is Cusco so special? – part 1 of the Cusco series

Having travelled from Lima to Arequipa via Nazca was already amazing. Is there a location which can top that? Oh yes, there are a few more to mention: Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca will impress you even more.

For now let’s concentrate on beautiful Cusco. I cannot explain what it is but Cusco felt very special to me. There is so much to say about this city that I have decided to write a few posts.

So why is Cusco so special and what should you visit?

1. Now let’s start with the Plaza de Armas, the main square in Cusco at sunset which makes this city shine in its glory.

Plaza de Armas, Cusco, is showing its beauty in the sunset
Plaza de Armas, Cusco, is showing its beauty in the sunset

2. Cusco was  the historic capital of the Inca Empire, the navel of the Incan world, from the 13th century to 1532 until the Spanish conquest. You still can see some of the Incan architecture in Cusco, however, most of the walls of Inca masonry have been incorporated into spanish colonial buildings.

Two ladies and their llama on their way home
Two ladies and their llama on their way home

beautiful lane in Cusco

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When a rainbow meets the rising sun

the airplane and the rainbow

When I woke up this morning it was still dark. As photographer I always observe the sky and so I did this morning. The light started changing and the sky turned red. Unfortunately I had to go to work and had to catch my train. I got itchy and just had to get my camera out; I knew there was no time for me to go down to Gunnamatta Bay for a shooting. So I said to myself: “Alex you just need to be creative and get the shot”. These are the results of it; taken from my balcony. Not the photos I had expected to take but this makes it interesting and different.

Have all a wonderful happy day.

rainbow and the sunrise
the most beautiful rainbow
rainbow at sunrise
when the rainbow meets the rising sun
the airplane and the rainbow
an airplane flying through the rainbow

follow the rainbows

Storm in Cronulla, Sydney

Sometimes you just need to trust your gut feeling. Today was one of those days. The weather here in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia, was pretty all over the place, from nice and warm to unbelievable hard core showers. However it cleared up and it was nice and warm again. Something told me to get out; go to the beach and play with my camera. So I did. It didn’t take long for a crazy rain shower to come down but then I also could see the sun still trying to be brave and fight against the rain. In my mind I was saying: well, no beach and playing with my camera but then I stopped and thought ‘ hang on a sec.’ rain and sun equals rainbows, right? So, I decided to keep walking and when finally arrived at the beach there was the beautiful rainbow. I loved the clouds formation and the rainbow pushing through.

Cronulla beach
Rainbow over Cronulla Beach

Now, it started raining again but I knew it will stop soon anyways. Then I was able to capture that beautiful scene.

rainbow over Australia
Rainbow over the ocean of Austalia

I couldn’t get enough of these beautiful rainbows. More and more would follow and then this massive cloud coming in…oh oh…first I had to get the photo. I worry about me getting drenched later.

Storm in Cronulla, Sydney
Storm cloud over Cronulla

…and now, guess what…yes, i got drenched…unbelievable this heavy rain. I was literally running to a shelter in Shelly beach in Cronulla; absolutely soaked but excited.

…and here there was another rainbow again….what a great afternoon.

Shire, rainbow
rainbow over shelly beach, Cronulla

I had to wait for quite a while; went then home, totally wet but with a big happy smile.

What did I learn today: Get out and trust your instincts and you will see amazing things when you just open your eyes. Mother nature can be amazing.

Have a great start into the week.


Paracas and Ballestas Islands, Peru


Today I was so excited – the Peru tour finally started. The tour operator was Gadventure (, a great company, which I absolutely recommend. Great local tourguides, great accommodations and everything is organised for you – the only thing you have to do: relax, listen and observe with a positive mind, flexibility and a sense of humour.

Three hours south of Lima is Paracas, which is a sleeping fishing village that serves as the starting point for all tours to the Balelestas Islands – ‘the poor man’s Galapagos”. Ballestas Island is home of hundreds of sea lions, many species of sea birds, e.g. my personal favourites the blue footed booby including the Humboldt penguins.

Early in the morning we headed off to the Ballestas Islands to take it all in – what a lucky day we had. We didn’t only see the various sea birds, sea lions and penguins but also a pregnant dolphin – how lucky.

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Foz de Iguazu – Argentina

It was time to leave Buenos Aires for the Iguazu Falls. We first visited the Brazilian side. The Falls are just amazing and we were blessed with lots of rainbows – just incredible.

The second day we explored the Argentinian side of the Falls which was another fantastic experience. You are basically walking on top of the Falls.

Argentinian side of Foz de Iguazu
Iguazu – Argentina


What to do in Buenos Aires when it is raining

I finally made it to South America after almost a year of planning; first stop Buenos Aires. Unfortunately we choose the only 2 days where it was raining cats and dogs as described in my earlier post. However, with a positive mind and sense of humour, we sighted some amazing places ‘inside’. For example the cathedral, the great bookstore ‘El Ateneo’ as posted earlier. The Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral is the main Catholic church in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is located in the city center, overlooking Plaza de Mayo, on the corner of San Martín and Rivadavia streets, in the San Nicolás neighbourhood.

Cathedral Buenos Aires
Cathedral Buenos Aires

A visit to La Boca is a must in Buenos Aires; the best thing about the rain was, that not too many tourists were on the road. La Boca is a neighbourhood with a strong European flavour with many of its early settlers being from the Italian city of Genoa. The conventional explanation is that the neighborhood sits at the mouth (“boca” in spanish). Among sports fans, Boca is best known for being the home of world renowned football club Boca Juniors. La Boca is a popular destination for travellers visiting Argentina, with its colourful houses and pedestrian street, the Caminito, where tango artists perform.

La Boca
A cat in La Boca
La Boca
La Boca

see see see see see


More about my travel in future posts, stay tuned.

Happy travel.

Foz de Iguazu, Brasil

Devil's throat

Today I have visited the Foz de Iguazu, the Brasilian side. The most amazing waterfall I have seen. I simply cannot describe it. Did you know that the fall is 2.7km long and between 60-82m high? Approximately half of the river’s flow falls into a long and narrow chasm called the Devil’s Throat. The Devil’s Throat is U-shaped, 82 metres high, 150 m wide, and 700 m long. The pressure of the water you feel when you stand right next to it cannot be described in words. If you haven’t visited it yet, go for it.

Nun für meine deutschen Fans: Heute waren wir an den Iguazu Fällen in Brasilien. Das waren die schönsten und beeindruckendsten Wasserfälle, die ich jeh gesehen habe. Wusstet Ihr, dass die Iguazu Wasserfälle insgesamt 2.7 km lang und zwischen 60-82m hoch sind? Ungefähr die Hälfte des Wasserfalls fliesst in die enge Teufelsschlucht, die in einem U geformt ist. Das Gefühl direkt neben den Fällen zu stehen, ist unglaublich und kann nicht in Worte gefasst werden.

Die Iguazu Wasserfälle muss man unbedingt sich angesehen haben.

Devil's throat
Iguazu Falls, Brasilian side
Iguazu Falls, Brasil, Devil's Throat
Iguazu Falls, Brasil, Devil’s Throat