How to overcome major blocks to create


In my previous posts, you discovered to express your emotions creatively, you know what your product or service is and now what? Now, you are going to start your project. That sounds easy, right? Hmm, not necessarily. We might encounter a few blocks or limiting beliefs we need to overcome first before we dive into our project.

How to overcome existential angst

Before we dive into our project, we need to be clear on how to create it. What material do we use or what type of photo do we shoot, what kind of song do we write and the list goes on. We can keep thinking about it forever, there will always be hundreds of different choices available, and we will never be sure, which one is the right one. It is called existential angst. It means getting upset because we wish we could clone ourselves and take 100 different choices at once.

It is a kind of below-the-conscious-depression because one choice precludes another. Whenever we realise that choosing one path means excluding another at that moment. This can show up for instance when you want to read a book, want to go for a walk or work on your project; or you check out social media instead of going out for taking photos or paint. We can multitask by alternating between projects, but in each present moment, you can only do one thing at a time.

If we have a choice between two tasks like a meaningful creative project that seems difficult or time-consuming and a nonmeaningful job that seems easy to do; people usually choose the easy one even if it has no meaning to us because we prefer easy and pleasant. The more difficult and time consuming your task is, the more overwhelmed we can feel. We might feel there is never enough time in a day to complete this project, why bother starting.

Having this in mind, you can trick your brain and make your essential project easy and pleasurable. Chunk your project down into small mini-tasks which are easy to complete. The more tasks you accomplish, the more you can celebrate. This keeps you motivated and makes you spend all the time you can to your creative project. How does this sound to you? Give it a go and try it out.

Now, we have overcome the complexity of our project. Are you currently ready to start or are there any other obstacles in the way?

How to overcome the money block

Right, I get it. Another major block is our belief that we don’t have the money so we cannot afford the supplies we need, hence cannot complete our creative work. We either don’t have the material, the equipment is not good enough…we come up with lots of excellent excuses why we cannot start.

If you recognise yourself in one of the statements about money, I have some good news for you.

Ask yourself, what would you do if money would not matter? Would you build your creative piece? If no, then the project did not inspire you, so then don’t waste your time and come up with something that truly inspires you.

If you answered yes to the question, then ask yourself: How can I create this piece of art I have in mind with the tools I currently have? How could I substitute specific materials? Think back when you were a child, you managed to create big things with a material you found in the household or your backyard. Be a child again and get creative. That’s what creativity is all about. We don’t need the best tools to create the best. The more inventive you are, the better your creative project will look like.

Phew…sounds like a huge weight lifted off your shoulder? Yeah… and the best thing it is fun.

But now you guess, yes, there is still another block which we mostly encounter.

How to overcome procrastination?

This is a big one. We intend to procrastinate because we might think our project is not perfect which in fact only means that we believe we are not good enough or not worthy.

This happens when we overanalyse and overthink our work. Don’t wait until your project is perfect, perfectionism is not existent. This day will never come. Nobody is perfect. In case you think you will wait until you feel more confident is waiting for a day never to happen. You can only become confident if you put your work out there.

Trust your own instincts and go for it. Instead of being perfect, strive for excellence.

A tip to get your project started is to:

  • first, you create, and then you feel ready
  • first, you create, and then you know what you are doing
  • first, you create, and then you realise how your project will turn out.

How to overcome the fear of failure?

Oh, that is another potential block we have. The fear of failure makes us find all sorts of excuses why we can’t do what we want to do.

If this resonates with you, ask yourself the following:

Why are you afraid of failing? What makes you think you could fail? If your answer is relating to a project of yours in the past, then ask: why did it fail?

The answers may reveal that you did not truly express yourself and hold back with it or you didn’t really feel inspired to do so, but other people wanted you to create…whatever the reason is, the likelihood is that you most likely didn’t follow your own gut and vision. Maybe you watered down your initial idea because you thought it wasn’t commercially palatable.

There is a reason why you got the idea from your inner self. Stay in that vibration and follow through without considering what other people might think. Don’t make decisions for other people, you can only decide for yourself. You have your own map and way of thinking, you live in line with your personal inner values so you won’t know the answer for others.

I think I need help, what do I do?

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