How you can make a lasting impact to children in Peru

I want to share a project with you which is very close to my heart. Join me to make a lasting impact to children of poor families in the Peruvian Andes.

While travelling through Peru I realised how wealthy and privileged we are even if we think we are not. Most of the families and kids I have seen live in very simple conditions. Kids are helping their parents to earn a small amount of money to contribute to feed their family. Besides working, kids also have to go to school if the parents can afford it. This is, unfortunately, a normal life for the children in the small villages in Peru. Travelling made me realise that I want to make a lasting impact and support the children in Peru. I just had no idea how.

simple life
The simple life of Peruvian children in the Andes.

When I was taking photos in Lima, I met Javier Gamboa. He is an amazing photographer and we are in contact since. I always believe you meet people in your life for a reason.

A while ago I noticed a post from him on facebook about his project to support children of poor families in the Peruvian Andes. At this moment I knew I want to be part of his project and fulfil my mission close to my heart.

Javier’s project to support children of poor families in Peru

Javier’s project started 3 years ago when he realised that lots of the indigenous population lack school equipment, such as pens, pencil, notepads, books, you name it. Many children have nothing to write on; some siblings have to share one notepad between each other. In case the parents cannot afford to buy a sketchbook, they cannot send the children to school, especially if it is a girl. These are unfortunately normal circumstances in the smaller villages in Peru and hard to imagine for us.

This gave Javier the urge to help and his project was born. Javier started to collect books and school supplies from people he knew and was able to bring more than 50,000 books and school material to the people in the small villages of the Andes Mountains in Peru. The smile he brought to children’s eyes was an incredible rewarding gift.

The school year in Peru starts in March and the children need our help. Javier is going back to the small villages on the 25 March to bring more books and school supplies. Each child needs approximately 10 notepads, pencils, erasers, pens, sketchbooks, colour pencils, rulers, etc.  All the children of Ccolccabamba, a small town in the Andes, will need their school equipment and books. However, there are so many more children in nine other communities over 4,000 m high in the mountains who need our help. There are roughly 500 children affected. Watch more here. Check out Javier’s post and photos of the children here.

How can you make a lasting impact to children in Peru?

Are you like me who loves to make an impact and bring a big smile into children’s eyes? If you answered this question with yes, I ask you to help Javier and me to be able to complete the project to bring school supplies and books to the poor children in the Andes mountains.

A donation will be much appreciated. If you want to make an impact, please donate using the Paypal button below. Even a small $5 amount will make a huge difference for the kids.

When you transfer money to my PayPal account, don’t forget to email me your email address or home address. You will receive a handwritten personal letter from the child you have supported.

I guarantee you from the bottom of my heart that each cent you send to my PhotographybyalexK – PayPal account will be transferred to Javier’s project account and only used for the school supply, books and to cover the costs of transport. Thank you so much for your help. Watch another video here.

Javier’s background story and why he became involved in helping kids in Peru

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