5 simple steps to gain clarity

gain clarity

Are you feeling confused and don’t know where to start, what exactly to do with your life or cannot make up your mind which path to follow? Or are you a creative person who wants to create your art but are not sure what and how?

That sounds familiar to me. When life gets in a way and fear is creeping in, we feel blocked. The creative juices don’t seem to flow. So, what do you do to get clarity?

Great question. I have been there a few times in my life where I was confused with lots of options or sometimes no idea at all. I have good news for you, there is a fix to that problem. I am going to share with you 5 simple steps of how to gain clarity, so your creative juices are flowing, and you will be receiving the guidance of what to do with your life.

But before I start sharing how to get clarity, why is this important?

Without being explicit in our vision, goals or creative project, we tend to procrastinate and find all sorts of distractions and excuses. We are not going to prioritise our project if we don’t even know exactly what it is we do. Suddenly there is a movie on Netflix you always wanted to see, or social media or youtube is getting your full attention for hours. Distractions are everywhere, and without a clear goal, we tend to distract our minds.

What happens if we don’t change that situation? Yes, you are right, nothing but we know everything about who posted what on social media. We have not achieved anything and might even get angry with ourselves.

So, I have a solution for you. Get clarity on what it is you want to achieve or create. Set an action plan in place and follow through with small achievable tasks. Once you are in the flow, you won’t even remember to check your social media accounts or watch a show on TV.

So, great stuff, how do we get clarity now?

1 Declutter your space to create

Not sure how your space looks like, mine can sometimes be pretty full of stuff I am currently working on, read or write, to do lists, notepads, bills and the list goes on. When I need to get clear on things, the first on my mind is to declutter my space. Otherwise, all the things in my creative space distract me.

A bright space makes you feel lighter. Your creativity is a flow of energy; when lots of stuff is floating around in your room, the energy cannot flow.

Don’t believe me? Try it.

2 Get out in the sun to catch some vitamin D or watch the stars

Being outside frees you from the energy that gets trapped within buildings. Even though that energy might be positive, see it as an energy which holds everything you have done already. However, you want to create something new, so you need new energy.

Artificial light is not healthy for a long time, so I recommend to get outside and catch some sunlight and breathe in some fresh air. If you are close to nature, this is even better. You don’t want to breathe in smog from the cars.

If you can get up early to watch the sunrise is perfect. The sunrise awakens your energy as it encourages flowers to open.

Vitamine D improves your cognitive functioning which is our ability to focus and think.

When you want to watch the sunset, it helps you to sleep, just as flowers close their petals at dusk. Makes sense, right?

Did you know that when you watch the stars, the starlight awakens your creative energy? Tune into your feelings while watching the starlight. This gives you clarity, insights and ideas about channelling your emotions into creative projects or gives you ideas about your life purpose.

Watching the stars is a form of self-hypnosis, similar to looking into a candle flame. Don’t bring your phone and just allow yourself to be.

Did you know that creatives get their best ideas between 2-6am while you sleep? It is handy to have a journal and a pen ready next to your bed in case your dream is telling you your new idea.

3 Connect with Nature

You don’t need to be outside during the night; you can also go for a walk in nature to get some clarity.  Modern research corroborates the link between natural surroundings and creativity. One study found that “interacting with nature has real, measurable benefits to creative problem-solving” and increases performance by 50%.

Being outside in nature and breathing fresh air helps you to release built-up stress and you are able to process your feelings while walking. You may find a particular place or object inspiring you. Try to change the way you usually walk, that way you may encounter something new you haven’t seen before. Feel free to hug trees, go for a walk on the beach or go for a swim and literally connect with nature.

When you are outdoors you will get clarity; there is an aha moment, a sense of epiphany. Allow yourself to be honest with yourself and your feelings. Don’t get stressed if you still cannot seem to find clarity. Be gentle with yourself and try the following day again and remember to just enjoy the moment. Make it a habit to be outdoors every day. It is excellent for your health and mental state but also helps you gain clarity about your creative project and life in general.

Remember not to force anything. Forcing comes from a fear of lack of ideas, lack of success and abundance, while creativity comes from trusting the flow.

 4 Meditation

Calm your mind, let go of all the mental clutter and tune into yourself. Practice mediations on a regular basis and connect with your body, mind and soul.

Oh, I can hear you saying, but I don’t have time. Remember, it only takes 10 min a day to experience a profound effect on your body and mind. If you still think you don’t have time, think again. Where do you do things which are not useful?

I recommend a chakra activation meditation. The sacral chakra is merely responsible for your creative flow and might be blocked. However, bear in mind that all of the chakras need to be activated and in flow to receive your inner guidance.

5 Stay away from negativity

Important is to stay away from negativity. This might be in the form of people you hang out or work with. You might be prone to taking on their energy which will block your creativity and inner voice. Ensure you are surrounded by positive people who inspire you rather than draining your energy.

When you follow these simple steps and get into the habit to do it on a regular basis, you will notice how creative and clear you will feel. Trust your inner voice and express your true inner feelings. Create to express and not to impress.

What if I tried all this but didn’t seem to work?

We mostly know what to do but find it hard to follow through. You probably tried it all, but maybe you were not consistent or stopped doing so because you don’t have the time? What if I tell you that you do have time and that time is used an easy excuse to shield ourselves from taking responsibilities in our life.

Do you feel you need an accountability partner, the right support and the proper steps to help you follow through? Do you want to discover what is stopping you from turning your passion into a career and learn how to overcome these, so you can transform your life? Then I invite you to book a complimentary breakthrough session with me here. In that breakthrough session you will walk away with some aha moments and know if you and I are a good match to work together.

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gain clarity


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How to overcome major blocks to create


In my previous posts, you discovered to express your emotions creatively, you know what your product or service is and now what? Now, you are going to start your project. That sounds easy, right? Hmm, not necessarily. We might encounter a few blocks or limiting beliefs we need to overcome first before we dive into our project.

How to overcome existential angst

Before we dive into our project, we need to be clear on how to create it. What material do we use or what type of photo do we shoot, what kind of song do we write and the list goes on. We can keep thinking about it forever, there will always be hundreds of different choices available, and we will never be sure, which one is the right one. It is called existential angst. It means getting upset because we wish we could clone ourselves and take 100 different choices at once.

It is a kind of below-the-conscious-depression because one choice precludes another. Whenever we realise that choosing one path means excluding another at that moment. This can show up for instance when you want to read a book, want to go for a walk or work on your project; or you check out social media instead of going out for taking photos or paint. We can multitask by alternating between projects, but in each present moment, you can only do one thing at a time.

If we have a choice between two tasks like a meaningful creative project that seems difficult or time-consuming and a nonmeaningful job that seems easy to do; people usually choose the easy one even if it has no meaning to us because we prefer easy and pleasant. The more difficult and time consuming your task is, the more overwhelmed we can feel. We might feel there is never enough time in a day to complete this project, why bother starting.

Having this in mind, you can trick your brain and make your essential project easy and pleasurable. Chunk your project down into small mini-tasks which are easy to complete. The more tasks you accomplish, the more you can celebrate. This keeps you motivated and makes you spend all the time you can to your creative project. How does this sound to you? Give it a go and try it out.

Now, we have overcome the complexity of our project. Are you currently ready to start or are there any other obstacles in the way?

How to overcome the money block

Right, I get it. Another major block is our belief that we don’t have the money so we cannot afford the supplies we need, hence cannot complete our creative work. We either don’t have the material, the equipment is not good enough…we come up with lots of excellent excuses why we cannot start.

If you recognise yourself in one of the statements about money, I have some good news for you.

Ask yourself, what would you do if money would not matter? Would you build your creative piece? If no, then the project did not inspire you, so then don’t waste your time and come up with something that truly inspires you.

If you answered yes to the question, then ask yourself: How can I create this piece of art I have in mind with the tools I currently have? How could I substitute specific materials? Think back when you were a child, you managed to create big things with a material you found in the household or your backyard. Be a child again and get creative. That’s what creativity is all about. We don’t need the best tools to create the best. The more inventive you are, the better your creative project will look like.

Phew…sounds like a huge weight lifted off your shoulder? Yeah… and the best thing it is fun.

But now you guess, yes, there is still another block which we mostly encounter.

How to overcome procrastination?

This is a big one. We intend to procrastinate because we might think our project is not perfect which in fact only means that we believe we are not good enough or not worthy.

This happens when we overanalyse and overthink our work. Don’t wait until your project is perfect, perfectionism is not existent. This day will never come. Nobody is perfect. In case you think you will wait until you feel more confident is waiting for a day never to happen. You can only become confident if you put your work out there.

Trust your own instincts and go for it. Instead of being perfect, strive for excellence.

A tip to get your project started is to:

  • first, you create, and then you feel ready
  • first, you create, and then you know what you are doing
  • first, you create, and then you realise how your project will turn out.

How to overcome the fear of failure?

Oh, that is another potential block we have. The fear of failure makes us find all sorts of excuses why we can’t do what we want to do.

If this resonates with you, ask yourself the following:

Why are you afraid of failing? What makes you think you could fail? If your answer is relating to a project of yours in the past, then ask: why did it fail?

The answers may reveal that you did not truly express yourself and hold back with it or you didn’t really feel inspired to do so, but other people wanted you to create…whatever the reason is, the likelihood is that you most likely didn’t follow your own gut and vision. Maybe you watered down your initial idea because you thought it wasn’t commercially palatable.

There is a reason why you got the idea from your inner self. Stay in that vibration and follow through without considering what other people might think. Don’t make decisions for other people, you can only decide for yourself. You have your own map and way of thinking, you live in line with your personal inner values so you won’t know the answer for others.

I think I need help, what do I do?

Do you want to discover what is stopping you from turning your passion into a career and learn how to overcome these, so you can transform your life? Then I invite you to book a complimentary breakthrough session with me here.

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How to start creating your product or service

In my previous posts, you discovered your real feelings and channelled them into a creative product or service. Well done. This could be your first step in supporting you with a full-time artistic career but how do you do this?

Great question.

On the one hand, you can create a product or service to help to heal or balancing the emotions, such as essential oils, bath salts, a book about feelings and emotions, crystal jewellery, a wellness retreat in Bali, you name it.

On the other hand, you can create a product to reflect and acknowledge the emotions; such as a song, a painting or photograph that captures the mood, a fiction book or movie using a character which embodies the feelings.

These are just a few examples. There are no limits to your creativity and no correct version of your art. See it as work in progress. It does not need to be perfect. Get it started and go with the flow. Perfection leads to frustration. Nothing in life is perfect. If you aim for perfection, you will chase your own tail all life long. Having a desire for a creation to accurately and authentically express your feelings is a more realistic intention that being perfect in creating a product or service.

How to overcome perfectionism?

The best way to deal with perfectionism is to start your project right in the middle. Starting a new big project seems daunting and can quickly overwhelm us. Overwhelm then leads to procrastination, which is a form of self-sabotage. The problem is once you start procrastinating you wait for the perfect moment where everything feels right, and you prepared. But guess what, this moment will never happen. A perfectionist will never be ready. Waiting around means that someone else might come up with your idea. Don’t be annoyed if that happens. The universe got the idea, and if you wait around for the perfect moment, someone else gets and will take this chance.

My advice is to devote time to your creative project and start in the middle. Don’t worry how to begin, this will come in later and probably will be much more apparent. Start with whatever you are passionate about. Trust the flow.

I think I need help, what do I do?

Do you want to discover what is stopping you from turning your passion into a career and learn how to overcome these, so you can transform your life? Then I invite you to book a complimentary breakthrough session with me here.

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creating a product of your art
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain and artist once he grows up.

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How to use your emotions to be creative

You matter, you are loved.

To use our emotions to be creative, we need to face them first. Most of us are experts at hiding our feelings. We know exactly how to shut them off and how to distract ourselves from it. We watch tv or do other things to keep us occupied.

However, there needs to be a balance. After all, we need to fearlessly face and express these deep feelings, without letting them lower our energy.

So, how do you do this?

  • First, know that your feelings are normal to have,
  • Second, face these feelings and admit them to yourself. You will diminish their strength once you do so. Don’t be scared about facing any hidden secret about yourself because you won’t. We all have the same insecurities, hopes and desires and
  • lastly, be gentle with yourself, love yourself. You are doing the best you can.
    Hold the intention that you help others to face and support their own insecurities when you express yours artistically.

Observe your emotions with compassion and notice them. Ask yourself what lessons did you learn from any negative feeling and let go of the old. Take it a step further and say thank you to the lessons learned. It is essential to use our emotions to express it in our art. Don’t judge yourself. Accept yourself the way you are as you are exactly where you need to be right now.

What to do if you suffer from anxiety and stress?

In case you deal with stress and anxiety, take physical actions, go dancing or go for a run or whatever resonates with you. Change your motion, which changes your emotions. Physical activities help us to discharge pent-up anxiety and other vulnerable feelings. Try to do yoga, going for a walk, journaling, singing, swimming or dancing. This will help you to express and release your emotions.

How do you access your emotions?

Good question, to access your emotions, I invite you do practice a meditation exercise.

Take some time to sit quietly, get in a comfortable position. You may want to sit with a straight spine or lay down. Start breathing slowly. Use the 5-5-7 method: 5 inhale, 5 holds, and 7 exhale. Repeat this for at least 10 times. Notice how you calm down. Notice where exactly you feel the tension in your body. Be curious to yourself. Ask your body: “Why are you tense?” Notice any thoughts and feelings or even vision coming up. Don’t judge, just sit back, observe and notice. Stay in the moment and only see the story. Go deeper and feel the emotions. Does it feel empty, fearful, worry, a sense of searching for something missing or does shame or guilt come up for you?

Notice your heart rate. Is it slow or fast? Did you feel any sensations in your chest area? Ask your heart: “How are you feeling?” If the thoughts you come up tell you about troublesome situations, interview your heart about it: “How do you feel about this situation?”

Notice, that there is no need to fix anything right now, just take the information. Is your inner voice telling you to express your feelings in a creative project?

When you are done with the meditation, write everything down what came up for you.  What were the lessons you learned? Is your body telling you to rest, have a break or to change a specific habit? What came up for you?

Now, I discovered my emotions, what do I do next?

Express those emotions in your creative work and then let it go. Those emotions and feelings will grow if we don’t deal with them. So put those feelings into your creative art which then will help others too. Have an honest conversation with yourself and let go of worries and fears. Feel free to redo this mediation when you feel you need it.

I think I need help, what do I do?

Do you want to discover what your emotional blockages are and learn how to overcome these, so you can transform your life? Then please book a complimentary Breakthrough session with me here.

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You matter, you are loved.

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Why are creative people prone to addictions and how to overcome them?


Hello everyone, Alex here. Today I would like to talk about why creative people are prone to addictions and how to overcome them.

Why are creative people prone to addictions?

Creativity and sensitivity go hand in hand. Sensitive people usually feel overwhelmed a lot and may feel lost about what to do with their emotions.

Sensitive, artistic people can be prone to addictions if they are not expressing their feelings through creativity. Addictive substances and behaviours temporarily numb our emotional pain. We do it even though we know that the pain returns after the numbing effect wear off.

What are the most common type of addictions for creatives?

What kind of dependencies am I talking about? These can be any kind of substance abuse or behaviours, such as drug, alcohol, fast food, sugar, emotional eating disorders and the list goes on, even workaholism, binge-watching TV or social media.

We numb ourselves out to forget what we really want to express. We distract ourselves with nonsense and keep us busy with things which don’t matter, so we don’t need to deal with our emotions. However, the emotions are still there. If we don’t release it, it will make it really painful for us.

How do you overcome your addictions?

If you think about it, when you let your creativity out and express what wants to be released, you naturally heal your emotions and create a lasting outlet for understanding. At the same time, you help to heal others with your art facing similar feelings.

Doesn’t this sound like a better alternative to replace an addiction with being creative?

Ask yourself: What type of addiction do you have? How much time do you spend on facebook or other social media or watch TV shows you don’t even like? Are you addicted to sugar and can’t stop eating desserts, chocolate bars and cookies or are you addicted to alcohol, drugs or smoking?

Notice, what it is for you and ask yourself: What is the positive intention behind doing this? What are you escaping from?

Now, what action can you take, to slowly stop your addictive behaviour? Can you replace, e.g. a glass of wine or beer with some creative work? Give it a go and see how it feels. Once we are in our creative zone, you will realise that you don’t need all these addictive things.

How do creative people deal with manic depression and bipolar?

Did you know that highly creative people can be emotionally unstable? Most of the prominent are that the classic artists, composers, and writers were manic-depressive or bipolar? Bipolar has significant mood swings. Creativity involves going into the depths of despair and afterwards having high energy to express the despair artistically. That means, creative people, get their inspiration from their depression and then when their mood swings to high energy, they have the motivation to be creative and paint, sing or otherwise express their feelings. There is a lot of evidence that creative people go through emotional highs and lows. Studies are showing that creative people are more apt to be bipolar than the general population.

However, you don’t need to be bipolar to be creative. Most of us have a less extent of roller – coaster emotions and are able to function normally when they’re sad or excited.

Observe your negative feelings through a lens of a researcher and study your genuine feelings without being pulled down by them.

Do you want to discover what your own emotional blockages are and learn how to overcome these, so you can transform your life? Then please book a complimentary Breakthrough session with me here.

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What are some common blocks for creatives and how to overcome them


Most creative people and artists have some common blocks but why am I talking about this and what are the blocks in particular?

What are the typical blocks for creative people

Creativity always begins with our feelings. A creative person wants to express these feelings using art as an outlet. However, expressing our deepest feelings in public means, we are vulnerable. There is a fear of being criticised for it, which is a problem for a creative person and could be a huge block to pursue their creative passion because of the worry what other people think of them. Each form of art is your own unique expression of yourself. It is simply not possible to create, write a book or song and not be talking about your own experience because we view the world through the lens of our feelings and the past. Your feelings are your muse for your projects.

Another typical block for creative people arises from being too much in your head and trying to think carefully about what to create, instead of trusting the flow and letting the idea come to you. Don’t think, just feel. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It is self-conscious and lousy.

Artistic blocks also occur when we are searching outside ourselves for inspiration if we try to force a successful creative project to appear. These blocks stem from discounting our own beautiful and inspirational natural and normal feelings and experiences.

Others may try to figure out what will succeed in the marketplace. But hey, this is not your authentic self. This comes from a place of lower energy vibration, from a sense of neediness. The question we ask is: “What can I get out of my customers?” The product you create carries lower energy vibration, and it does not come from your heart. That is a taking energy and keeps you away from success and fulfilment. But isn’t that what we are looking for? Fulfillment? Doing what we love doing and getting rewarded for it?

How to overcome these creative blocks

Great question. Instead of trying hard to think and search for ideas outside; search within yourself. Start with your current feelings. How do you feel right now? Are you feeling sad, happy, content or peaceful, melancholic or untangled? Notice your feelings and face them, you then receive inspired ideas to creatively express your feelings in a way that will not just help you but also others who feel the same way.

When creating your art, come from your heart. Ask yourself: “What can I give to my customers?” Giving energy is high vibrational and guarantees you success in the marketplace. There is an old saying about writers: “God gives writers (and other creatives) talent, but if we misuse this talent, it goes away.” This means if you create without inspiration and only for the money, god will take away your talent. This statement is helping us to stay focused on creating art from our heart and a giving place. Of course, you need an income to pay your bills. Unless you are independently wealthy, you will need a job. I will talk about more about how to make money from your art at another time.

This post is not about the “starving artist”, this is just another typical blocks artists have. We all want our creative projects to succeed because the more people purchase your art, the more people receive your healing intention.

I encourage you to fully notice and express your feelings, the higher the vibration of your art will be. Any attempt to hide your feelings will lower the energy vibration.

There are so many more disempowering beliefs blocking creative people from moving forward in what they love doing. I am going to talk about the common theme of addictions for creatives and how you can overcome it next week.

Please comment below, if that resonates with you and what your blockages are. Feel free to ask any questions.

Do you want to discover what your own blockages are and learn how to overcome these, so you can transform your life? Then please book a complimentary Breakthrough session with me here.

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Being your creative self – part 2

Following from last week’s post, being your creative self means to show your originality. It also is a way to look within and to bring your shadows into the light.

Have the courage to look within

The chances are that you are also highly emotional as a highly creative individual. A study of 27 art collectors found that they were almost three times more intuitive and emotionally based, compared to the general population.

Most of us may think we are weird to be around and expect social rejection and push people away due to insecurities and sabotage opportunities. We say to ourselves, better not to try, rather than suffer from disappointment.

Now, I have some exciting news for you: if you feel that way, this is a perfect first step to being creative. Have the courage to use your inner life as a canvas for your creations and use your feelings when creating. Even if the feelings might be painful, sit with them compassionately. There is a huge likelihood that there are other people out there who feel exactly the same way and love to see your work. You heal others who feel the way you do.

Art is helping us to look at our shadows so they can be understood and healed. Make your art authentically real and coming from your heart and soul.

Unfortunately, our ego does not want us to face our fearful part of our minds, our shadow side. However, once we are consciously aware of the fears, the ego loses its ability to control us. The ego tries to convince us that it is dangerous to look within and take an honest inventory of our feelings. Our ego tries to tell us that if we think we are a bad person, we are the bad person. In spiritual truth, we are as great as our creator because we are made in the image and likeness of our creator.

It is not easy to look within because there is this deep-seated fear that we don’t like what we may find. There is maybe a fear of finding nothing. This is especially the case if you had to adapt to your life because of an abusive upbringing, which means that you learned to conform, cope and get along. That also means that you forget who you really are and you lose touch with your true self and honest opinions.

However,  once you shine the light within yourself, you find there’s a light shining back at you. You will realise how far you have come and that you learned great lessons and stayed strong through painful experiences and hardships.

creative, creativity, shine in the light, bring out your shadows
Once you shine the light wihin yourself, you find there is a light within shining back at you.

Looking within means that you do whatever it takes for your inspiration. Let your true self and emotions shine through your art. See the divine spark of light in you. Everyone has this light, you just need to be willing to look within to find it. Have compassion for yourself and express this with your creativity.

Don’t cover up dark, painful feelings. The best way to deal with it is to face it and say to it: “Look, you don’t scare me any longer. In fact, you are not even real. You are just a dark cloud trying to cast a shadow over my bright inner light.”

Art connects who you are on the inside to who others are on the inside. Remember what you have felt then, many other people have felt, and what you feel now, many other people feel. When you speak the truth about your feelings through your creations, others recognise this truth within their own selves. It speaks directly to their hearts. Your creativity creates a heart to heart connection with truth and authenticity.

Have the courage to bring your shadows into the light

Facing your feelings even though we are not always proud of them, means to have courage. Everyone has an ego which is competitive and insecure. It’s not whether we go into your egotistical inner child that matters; it’s what we do with it. Use your ego based energy in your creative projects, which helps others to recognise themselves and receive healing through your art.

Studies show that when we reveal our human flaws, other people perceive us as more likeable. It is about getting to know yourself at the deepest level and being vulnerable. This is how you form a loving, trusting bond with yourself. Trust and have confidence in yourself. Have the courage to be yourself.

If this resonates with you, join my facebook group “Helping creatives shine” to being able to participate in upcoming challenges.

Do you want to find out what is stopping you from creating your creative self, book a complimentary Breakthrough session with me here.

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Have a wonderful creative week.

Be Your Creative Self

Being your creative self is not as easy. What does it actually mean? How do I do that?

Some people feel like there is something wrong with them, maybe you felt this way? I certainly have. Sometimes we feel stuck and insecure, comparing ourselves with others who have everything. You might have been teased for being strange in your childhood. Perhaps you felt you do not fit in?

My journey of realisation

I realised over the years that I don’t fit in a regular 9- 5 pm corporate job and was always wondering what was wrong with me. How come others love it and are progressing better and faster than I ever did. I didn’t even want a promotion. How weird is that?

It took me a few years to discover that I am different and nothing was wrong with me. In my past, I always chose a job where I got bored easily even though I was busy and overloaded with work. Years later I had to learn the hard way. I suffered from adrenal exhaustion, was always tired and had simply no energy to do anything I loved doing. If you want to read more about my story, check it out here.

Luckily, I turned my life around and started to express my creative side in me. I started taking photos and still love doing it. However, at the beginning of my journey, I took photos but thought I was not good enough. What was the point to publish my photos, was one of my big questions to myself. All those limiting beliefs held me back from expressing myself because I felt I was not perfect yet and need to improve my skills first. I was always worried what others people think of my photography. It was simply a huge lack of confidence.

Gladly I ended up with very supportive people around me, who encouraged me to keep going and that I was very talented. Getting feedback from your friends and family is not enough though. Of course, they are nice to you, but if we don’t risk to publish our art, we will never know if people like it or not. Bear in mind, there will always be someone who is negative, but most of the people will give you generous and constructive feedback. The point is to do it anyway, no matter what others think. If you express your true creative self, the right people will resonate with your art.

So, what does being your Creative Self mean?

It means to have the courage to:

  • show your originality
  • look within and
  • bring your shadows into the light

Having the courage to show your originality

Be the authentic version of yourself. Originality means nonconformity. Being original is essential for creativity. Put your creative ideas into motion and create the book, painting, jewellery, dance choreography or whatever you want to create. Stop dreaming about your idea but take actions. Small baby steps are the way to go; you set the intention to follow your dream. Now you just need to keep going.

A study found that neuroticism (chronic excessive worries and anxieties) is linked to the emotional sensitivity required for a successful creative career. Your sensitivity is your gift that leads to inspiration and the desire to inspire others through creativity.

Perhaps, people teased you about being too sensitive in your past. Now you know why it is so important to be that way. People who judge you on that are just trying to convince you to conform or were not as sensitive or creative as you, or these were individuals who were jealous because they suppressed their creativity and sensitivity.

Remember, other people’s opinion is just that, an opinion. They give you their opinion based on their past experiences, values and their beliefs. Your real identity has nothing to do with their words. You will know, that you have taken the right path of nonconformity.

Being creative is not a hobby for us, it is a way of life. It means expressing your vision in all that you do. Live your life as a creative.

Creativity is defined as making something that is new; the opposite is conformity, so creativity has the courage to not conform but to embrace your imagination. Imagination is the pipeline to possibilities. Be open to receive new opportunities, notice your ideas without worrying about if it is feasible. Don’t just think outside the box but think like there is no box.

Next week’s forecast of how to be your creative self

I am going to reveal more about the courage to look within and to bring your shadow into the light next time. Stay tuned.

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Once you shine the light wihin yourself, you find there is a light within shining back at you – Doreen Virtue.

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Enjoy and have a wonderful week.

Discover your true creativity

True creativity is channelling divine inspiration in following your intuition. Being creative gives you the feeling of butterflies around you. You are in your zone, feeling content and happy.

Unfortunately, creativity also comes with fears, limiting beliefs and blocks to receptivity.

I have come across a number of them in my own experience which I managed to transform into empowering beliefs. This creativity blog is for creative people like you, who need some support and even if it is only an acknowledgement that you are not alone and it is pretty normal and ok to have fears. Fears help you to push yourself to the next level if you allow to conquer them. I am going to share with you tips on how to step out of the dark place of fear into your unique light. You are meant to shine in this world.

Being creative means to have the courage to do so but why is that? Expressing yourself creatively means:

  • Your inspiration for your creativity comes from facing your deepest feelings and truth.
  • Exposing your most vulnerable feelings publicly.
  • You share raw and real information about yourself.
  • Receiving criticism and ridicule from those who don’t resonate with your work.
  • Confronting the possibility of your work not selling or being commercially viable and;
  • Isolating yourself while you work on your creative project.

Creatives are real, brave and heal others in their own unique way.
Do you feel drawn to be creative either as a career or a hobby? The chances are that this is your calling which can’t be ignored.

I am a creative person and am a photographer, specialised in travel and landscape photography, I also love latin dancing and played piano in my childhood and teenage years and the list goes on. I know all of those feelings, creatives go through, from “I am not good enough.” to “who would look at my art; there are others who are so much better than me.” or “Is this what people want to see?” These are all common limiting beliefs, which stop us from truly expressing ourselves. I had the same beliefs and stuck to a job in the accounting world because I thought this would be safe, but it makes my soul cry from the inside out. A feeling of tiredness and exhaustion was the result of it. I lost my spark for being creative.

I reached a point where I took myself seriously and started to listen to my own soul, changed into a more creative part time role and started my own health and life coaching business which makes me feel alive again. Click here if you want to read more about my own journey or watch my video here.

Nowadays, I don’t care about what other people say, I published my artwork on my website and keep posting my photos. I stopped to worry what other people say. However, I am open to constructive feedback. There are always people who resonate with you and people who don’t, which is fine. We don’t need to please everyone, we will automatically attract the right people into our lives if we are truly the person we are born to be.

I am here to transform your limiting into empowering beliefs and help you to shine your unique light. If you want to be part of this journey, then click the like and subscribe button below. I am going to publish steps to awaken your inner artist. If you resonate with this message, then I encourage you to join my facebook group for challenges and additional content and goodies.

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Allow yourself to shine in your light and follow your passion.



My new creativity blog is born – Health and Life coach for creatives

Who I am and why I am here was one big question I was dealing with for the last year and the reason I stopped blogging. I was going through my own personal journey to discover myself and my true soul’s purpose. Now, I have some big news: I recently became a certified Health and Life Coach and specialise in creative people like you and me. Going forward I am going to share tips and stories which helped me to find my purpose in life and living a life which is in line with my creative personality. My new creativity blog is born, and I am looking forward to having you creative folks on board.

Why a Health and Life Coach Why Now?

I can say I am feeling content and fulfilled with my life right now. I found my purpose, but that has not always been like this. It took me years to find out who I truly am.

How it all began

I was born and raised in Germany and moved to Australia in 2007. That’s where my journey began to discover myself. I was working as an auditor in big corporations. I always thought that was my career and I made my parents happy. However, it never made me happy. Something was missing, but I couldn’t tell what it was. I blamed the long working hours and the company.

In 2010 I changed to a bigger corporation, and my life went downwards. My health suffered. I was stressed like never before, always tired even though I slept for 7-8 hours each night. Going to dancing schools or gym was not an option any longer because I had no energy to move. I worked to at least midnight every night even on weekends. My life was feeling like hell to me. I gained weight and felt horrible; I couldn’t look into the mirror any longer. The person I saw in the mirror was not me. What happened?

My turning point

Luckily, my employer sent me to a leadership seminar, which was about life and our values. I realised that the life I lived was not the life I imagined to have and was not even in line with my values. It was time to stop living a life to please others but to step into my own personal power and change my life.

First, I had to get into a healthy state. From that day on, I signed up for dancing classes, left work early and went to the gym. It felt good. My food choices were healthy, but now I paid more attention to the amount of sugar I ate. We sometimes don’t realise how much sugar is hidden in everything we eat. My energy level doubled, and I never felt that healthy and sexy. My stress level reduced significantly, and I was more productive at work. In fact, I could prove with numbers that I managed to complete more work in fewer hours.

Now, this sounds like I made it? No, not yet. This was just the beginning. I gained clarity on what I liked doing. I bought a DSLR and signed up for a photography course, taught myself a lot about photography and travelled around the world whenever I could get enough leave.

Something had changed in me during that time. My values became clearer to me. I faced the real world I was still living in. Even though I was on top of my work, people were not happy with me leaving work early. I felt this internal block to keep travelling along this path, and I was wondering what was wrong with me. Well, nothing was wrong with me, I just didn’t live my truth. I was trying to fit in to please others but not myself.

Over the years I nourished myself and read a lot of self-help and spiritual books, did meditations on a regular basis. That helped me to learn more about myself and who I truly am.

It didn’t take me long to discover that I just worked differently as a creative person. You can’t put a creative person in a 9-5 job without giving them time to pursue their passion. Creative people will die from the inside. I met so many creative people in my life, and they all face the same challenges, most people don’t even realise that they are creative. It became evident to me that my mission is to help creative people to gain back their health and see clearly what they are made of. I love to help them to unlock their own personal power, to change their disempowering into empowering beliefs and be the creative person they are born to be.

My life now

I am now a certified Health and Life Coach. This is my calling, and I put all of my passion into my work as a coach.

Don’t wait 10 or more years to discover what you want. Life happens, and sometimes we become so stuck in our daily habits we feel it’s all too hard to change. However, you can change with the help of a health and life coach who will guide you along the way and provide you with the right system, support and accountability to make the change your body and soul are longing for!

My free breakthrough sessions

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Here’s what you will discover in your session

  • uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from reducing your stress and gaining clarity about your creative expression
  • develop a powerful vision for what doubling your energy and expressing your true self with your creativity will mean for you and your life
  • discover which food and lifestyle habits are increasing your stress, sapping your energy and make your brain feel foggy…and what to do about it
  • get crystal clear on a step – by step plan to reduce your stress and gain clarity about your true self and how to express it in a creative way in 90 days or less.

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