Inspirational quote of the week – You are the creator of your own life

inspirational quotes

Hello everyone. This week’s inspirational quote is:

Nobody can do anything to us. We have to do it ourselves. – Ralph Smart.

This inspirational quote is a great reminder that we are the creator of your own life. We chose what we have in our life and if we let other people run over us or control us. We can make a choice to say yes to ourselves, to stand up for ourselves and to follow our dreams.

It sounds easy, right? I get it, it’s not as easy as is sounds. Some of us might feel being a victim and this is just the life for you. Or we feel not confident and secure enough to stand up for ourselves. We might feel, we need to look after our loved ones or other people in your life first and you are just not a priority? We keep living a life which is not meant to be for us, but we don’t know what to do?

If that sounds familiar to you, then I tell you, these limiting beliefs stem from your subconscious programming of not feeling good enough, not being worthy, doubting yourself or you are not important.

If we keep believing this, we are stuck and keep attracting the same situations over and over again. There are powerful ways of transforming these limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs which help you manifesting exactly the opposite, the great things in life. Are you curious about what your disempowering beliefs are and how to turn these into empowering beliefs, so you can attract anything you want?

I have some great news for you: I offer a complimentary Breakthrough session for you. A Breakthrough Session is an impossible-to-fail, relaxed conversation over the phone. It involves a series of questions designed to uncover the challenges you’re experiencing and what might be stopping you or slowing you down from living the dream of your life. It is a completely non-judgemental process by which you leave inspired. By the end of the 30 minutes, we will both know whether entering into a coaching relationship is the next best step for you and if we are a fit for one another.

Here’s what you will discover in your session

  • uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from finding your true purpose in life
  • uncover what’s been holding you back or slowing you down from living your life of your dreams right now
  • develop a powerful vision for what living a fulfilled life means for you and for your life
  • discover which habits and beliefs are holding you back from having the life you dream of and living on purpose…and what to do about it
  • get crystal clear on a step – by step plan to find your true soul’s purpose, becoming successful and living a fulfilled life in 90 days or less.

This is a 30 min complimentary session.

I currently offer one highly-effective 90-day Intensive Programs as described below. It involves weekly one-on-one coaching by phone, in which I will share some more details of my system during our Breakthrough Session. As featured on my home page, my clients have had incredible results with this.

which you can book here. I am excited to talk to you. You definitely will walk away with a huge aha moment.

inspirational quotes