The local market and silver factory in Cusco, Peru – part 3

Hello lovely travellers to part 3 of my Cusco series.

Before I start I would like to thank our tour guide Alim Escobar from Gadventure who showed us all the beautiful things in Peru, explained all the history and stories behind places, introduced us to the Peruvian cuisine and recommended nice restaurants and what dishes to eat. Even though my trip was last year in November, he is still available and answers all the questions I have. Without him, I would’nt be able to write much about this beautiful country. So a HUGE THANK YOU Alim, very much appreciated. If you are about to book a tour, I really recommend Gadventure, and when you are in Peru and Alim is your CEO, you will have a great time.

So you are in Cusco and ready to experience some more of the things the local do? Let’s go and visit the local market in Cusco called ‘San Pedro Mercado‘:

San Pedro mercado - the local market in Cusco
San Pedro Mercado – the local market in Cusco

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Why you should visit Arequipa part 2

colourful Santa Catalina

One of the major attractions in Arequipa is the monastery Santa Catalina taking up an entire block of the city with 20,000 sqm. The monastery Santa Catalina was founded in 1580 by Dona Maria de Guzman, a rich widow who became a nun. Its architecture is a fusion of indigenous and spanish using sillar, the local volcanic stone. Enjoy some of my photographs from the colourful Santa Catalina:

Santa Catalina
colourful arches in Santa Catalina
Santa Catalina
blue alley in Santa Catalina
colourful Santa Catalina
colourful doors of Santa Catalina
monastery in colours
the window in Santa Catalina monastery
Santa Catalina
wandering through Santa Catalina
monastery Santa Catalina
the terra-cotta walls and bright flowers of Santa Catalina