Day #9 from stress to success: Groom for success

Welcome to day #9 of the 31-day challenge: from stress to success. Today’s secret to success is:

Groom for success

Have you ever been in public when you looked your worst? Most of us did. If you did, you might recall this event as one of your embarrassing ones. If you ran into someone you knew or who knew you, you probably didn’t feel comfortable or confident, right?

The way we look does have an impact on our stress level. I am not saying to go overboard with makeup and fake eyelashes etc….girls can still go outside without any makeup and look naturally pretty. I am talking about walking around in clothes which don’t suit, are worn out or your hair is all over the place, dirty fingernails etc.…

If we groom for success, we feel our best. When we are groomed, we feel better from the inside, our confidence gets a boost and fosters self-worth. You never know who you are going to meet:)

Action Steps:

Every morning, check yourself in the mirror. Do you feel great and ready for a successful day?

Groom for success