What inspires you?


When thinking about the question what inspires me, the first thing comes into my mind is travelling and experiencing different cultures as it opens your mind. It makes you realise what life is about. You learn important lessons while travelling.

Experiencing different cultures might make you realise how grateful you should be about things you have. You may meet people and learn that happiness does not come from the material things you own but it is about your inner peace and appreciating the little things in life. Valuing your family, friends, respecting others and being healthy are essentials for being happy.

appreciate the little things
People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be
Travelling to mystic places makes you realise how smart people were generations before you. They had less material or tools available but achieved amazing great things. Machu Picchu was one of the examples which blew my mind. The Incas created this sacred place which could not be found by the Spanish conquerer; it is just magical. Read more about Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu in the afternoon
Machu Picchu in the afternoon
I love being outdoors to enjoy beautiful breathtaking landscapes. This makes me calm and relaxed and gives me inspiration.

Torres del Paine National Park
So what inspires you?

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

When one door closes, another door opens

colourful Santa Catalina

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where things don’t go ahead as planned. Maybe you were applying for your dream job and you didn’t get it; maybe your heart just got broken by your partner or you booked your amazing holiday but then it got cancelled because of external other reasons you couldn’t control. These are typical situations where a door is closing. We get disappointed and wonder why this happened. We are sad.

But hey, remember, everything happens for a reason. The job you were hoping to get, did not work out for you because a better one is waiting for you just around the corner. The partner who broke your heart wasn’t loving you, so why would you want to waste your time. Maybe your soul mate is waiting for you but you need to be free for him. Maybe your dream holiday wasn’t such a great choice and you are getting a better deal for less money now.

Keep in mind, where one door closes, another door opens. We need to free up our mind and believe in ‘everything happens for a reason’. Your mind will be open and suddenly you can see things clearly. New ways will show up just in front of you. It may take some time but at the end of your journey you will realise and learn why the first option was not a good one for you

When one door closes, another door opens

The photo below was taken in Santa Catalina, Arequipa, Peru. I loved the colours of the doors. You can see how one door leads to another one. Go for it and open your mind. Do you want to read more about Arequipa in Peru: click here for Part 1 and click here for part 2.

colourful Santa Catalina
colourful doors of Santa Catalina

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Who I am and why I am here

I love landscape photography and published my own website in October 2014. Back then I was getting excited to travel to Southamerica for 2 months. All I wanted to do in the beginning was to share my photos from my travelling with friends and family, so I decided to create a blog. It takes some time to get familiar with blogging and to get used to find some time to actually write something. Once I came back from my travelling, I wasn’t really active with my blog but going through all my photos and remembering the stories I had experienced and lessons I learned I suddenly could see a greater purpose of what I want to achieve with my blog.

I wanted more than just sharing my travel itinerary and showing my photos but to take you with me on my journey. There is a difference between being a tourist and being a traveller. For me the most enjoyable part of travelling is to live in and experience the different cultures, to eat the food the locals eat, to understand their values and history but for most of it to enjoy and respect the beautiful nature god has given to us around the world.

Seeing colleagues in the office closing the blinds of the windows because the sun is shining but not seeing how the sun is trying to break through the beautiful amazing big layer of fog covering the Harbour bridge of Sydney or missing out on colourful sunsets and sunrises, makes me want to scream. How can you be so busy not to see and admire this? Also seeing lots of people not believing in themselves but just doing a job to earn money so they can pay their rent, makes me sad.

I want to break through that vicious cycle and want you to open your eyes and realise how beautiful our mother nature is. My mission is to inspire you to be a happier person and to live your life to its fullest potential.

That’s when I started to launch my happiness blog, in which I pick one of my photographs I took from beautiful places around the world and tell a story which helps you to find your own happiness and to embrace the little and simple things in life.

Travelling especially through South America was an eye-opener making me realise how rich our lives in the westernised world are and that we shouldn’t have any reason to complain about anything.

My mission is to inspire you, to change your mindset and maybe even your life reading my stories. We easily forget about our positive things in life until the day you travel to third world countries which open your eyes if you choose to. I hope I can kick your travel bug and you will travel to those places and see the magic in our world. If you can’t afford your dream trip yet, don’t worry, keep reading and I will take you on my journey. When you close your eyes you might even be able to feel what I was feeling when traveling to those places.

Welcome to my blog. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on each post. Share my blog with your friends if you like it.

If you are interested in my photos, hop over to my website (you can find the link in the menu), you will be able to buy prints. The lab I am using is a professional great quality lab in the US. Feel free to send me an email if you have any other queries I can help with or if you wish to license photos.

Me and the Lake Titicaca


Essen und Tanzen in Cusco – Teil 2

Es ist nun schon einige Monate her, seitdem ich in Cusco war. Wie ich doch diese Stadt ins Herz gefasst habe. Ich kann nicht erklaeren wieso, aber Cusco war ziemlich speziell fuer mich. Nun sitze ich hier in Sydney und schreibe ueber Cusco, Fernweh kommt auf.

Spaziergaenge durch die beeindruckende Stadt, deren Peruvische Gerichte auszuprobieren und natuerlich Salsa und Bachata tanzen war alles, was ich brauchte, um gluecklich zu sein.

Im Falle, Sie haben meinen letzten Beitrag ueber Cusco nocht nicht gelesen, kein Problem, hier ist der link:


1. Peruvische Kueche in Cusco

Cusco hat jede Menge netter Restaurants, in denen Sie unbedingt die Peruvanischen Gerichte probieren sollten.

Das Foto ist vom Restaurant ‘Nuna Raymi’, was uebersetzt heisst: ‘Fest der Seelen’. Ein sehr suesses Restaurant; das Essen war genial. Probieren Sie “Al Paca”, das ist ein sehr mageres Fleisch. Der link zu deren Webseite fuer mehr Informationen: http://www.nunaraymicusco.com

restaurant in Cusco
Nuna Raymi – Festival of the soul

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Food- and dancing guide for Cusco – part 2

It’s been a few months since I visited Cusco. I loved this city in Peru. Sitting here in Sydney and writing about it, makes we want to go back. I cannot explain what it is but Cusco felt very special to me.

Walking around the beautiful city, trying Peruvian cuisine and dancing to Salsa and Bachata made my days in Cusco.

If you have missed my part 1 of my Cusco series, it is not too late. Click here to read and see the photos:


1. Food heaven Cusco

Cusco has a lot of nice restaurants where you should try the local food.

The photo below is from the restaurant ‘Nuna Raymi’ which means ‘festival of the soul’. What is real and what is a painting? It’s both in one – go and check out this restaurant; it looks very cute and the food is amazing. Try the Al Paca. Here the link to their website: http://www.nunaraymicusco.com

restaurant in Cusco
Nuna Raymi – Festival of the soul

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