Inspirational quote for the week


Hello everyone, today’s inspirational quote is:

Whenever you think of someone undesirable, you give them power. Whomever you think of you breathe life into.

This is a great reminder to watch our thoughts. When you are upset about someone, try to sit back, breathe slowly in and out and think of something this person taught you. Maybe it was to stand up for yourself, to believe in yourself or to respect yourself? Whatever it is, write it down, say thank you and forgive that person in your mind. Now, let it go. Stop thinking about it any longer.

You choose who you want to interact with in life. I understand that we are sometimes in a situation where we cannot change anything yet. If that’s the case, remember that you still have a choice. Could you change your reaction to that person or situation?

I leave you with that. Please comment below what helps you when dealing with someone you dislike.


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Have a fantastic remaining week. Namaste.