The local market and silver factory in Cusco, Peru – part 3

Hello lovely travellers to part 3 of my Cusco series.

Before I start I would like to thank our tour guide Alim Escobar from Gadventure who showed us all the beautiful things in Peru, explained all the history and stories behind places, introduced us to the Peruvian cuisine and recommended nice restaurants and what dishes to eat. Even though my trip was last year in November, he is still available and answers all the questions I have. Without him, I would’nt be able to write much about this beautiful country. So a HUGE THANK YOU Alim, very much appreciated. If you are about to book a tour, I really recommend Gadventure, and when you are in Peru and Alim is your CEO, you will have a great time.

So you are in Cusco and ready to experience some more of the things the local do? Let’s go and visit the local market in Cusco called ‘San Pedro Mercado‘:

San Pedro mercado - the local market in Cusco
San Pedro Mercado – the local market in Cusco

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Why should you visit Arequipa, the white city, in Peru?

Arequipa arches

Have you been to Arequipa or are you planning your next holiday to Peru and are still debating if going to Arequipa or just directly to Cusco? Well you really should consider a visit to the white city and here I tell you why:

  • It helps your body to adjust to the altitude slowly

Arequipa is sitting at 2,325m (7,26ft) above sea level and is surrounded by the Andes mountains. The sea level is not as high as Cuzco but already high enough than your body is used to. You will adjust slowly to the altitude and help you coping with potential altitude sickness problems.

From my own experience when I got off the bus, I felt nothing at all. So, I thought that’s cool. However, we headed to the city and had some dinner. At night it was a bit chilly, so we were walking back to the hotel a bit faster. Believe me, I am used to do exercising and had personal training before, so it was definitely not my fitness level but I could feel that my breathing was a bit strange. My chest was telling me I need to slow down and unfortunately your brain is going crazy and you think you can’t breath anymore. I had to stop and concentrate on breathing. Back in the hotel, all I wanted was to sleep. Strange feeling but you know it is just the altitude and you will be fine.

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