Inspirational quote of the week – You are the creator of your own life

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Hello everyone. This week’s inspirational quote is:

Nobody can do anything to us. We have to do it ourselves. – Ralph Smart.

This inspirational quote is a great reminder that we are the creator of your own life. We chose what we have in our life and if we let other people run over us or control us. We can make a choice to say yes to ourselves, to stand up for ourselves and to follow our dreams.

It sounds easy, right? I get it, it’s not as easy as is sounds. Some of us might feel being a victim and this is just the life for you. Or we feel not confident and secure enough to stand up for ourselves. We might feel, we need to look after our loved ones or other people in your life first and you are just not a priority? We keep living a life which is not meant to be for us, but we don’t know what to do?

If that sounds familiar to you, then I tell you, these limiting beliefs stem from your subconscious programming of not feeling good enough, not being worthy, doubting yourself or you are not important.

If we keep believing this, we are stuck and keep attracting the same situations over and over again. There are powerful ways of transforming these limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs which help you manifesting exactly the opposite, the great things in life. Are you curious about what your disempowering beliefs are and how to turn these into empowering beliefs, so you can attract anything you want?

I have some great news for you: I offer a complimentary Breakthrough session for you. A Breakthrough Session is an impossible-to-fail, relaxed conversation over the phone. It involves a series of questions designed to uncover the challenges you’re experiencing and what might be stopping you or slowing you down from living the dream of your life. It is a completely non-judgemental process by which you leave inspired. By the end of the 30 minutes, we will both know whether entering into a coaching relationship is the next best step for you and if we are a fit for one another.

Here’s what you will discover in your session

  • uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from finding your true purpose in life
  • uncover what’s been holding you back or slowing you down from living your life of your dreams right now
  • develop a powerful vision for what living a fulfilled life means for you and for your life
  • discover which habits and beliefs are holding you back from having the life you dream of and living on purpose…and what to do about it
  • get crystal clear on a step – by step plan to find your true soul’s purpose, becoming successful and living a fulfilled life in 90 days or less.

This is a 30 min complimentary session.

I currently offer one highly-effective 90-day Intensive Programs as described below. It involves weekly one-on-one coaching by phone, in which I will share some more details of my system during our Breakthrough Session. As featured on my home page, my clients have had incredible results with this.

which you can book here. I am excited to talk to you. You definitely will walk away with a huge aha moment.

inspirational quotes


Why most of us don’t achieve their goals

Have you ever wondered why some people are just successful and seem to achieve all of their goals and others never make it and are depressed and sad?

The reason is your mindset. The minute you say that it is all too hard, you have not deserved it or you won’t be able to make it is sabotaging negative self talk. Stop right here.

Do what successful people do, think positive. They also experience things they are not happy with or proud of but the difference is they don’t hang on to it. They let go and move on and remember only the positive in each situation. When you think about it there is always an opportunity for you to learn.

You too can train your brain to be more positive. Continue reading “Why most of us don’t achieve their goals”

Be grateful for what you have

The key for happiness is to be grateful of things you have. Most of the people tend to focus on things they don’t have which makes them feel unhappy. 
Instead, focus on what you have and be grateful of it. I have plenty of examples for you: 

– You are healthy? Be grateful of it, this can change quickly, so embrace the moment. 

– You have a supporting family, a partner and friends you can always count on? Be grateful of it. Not everybody can be lucky having family or supporting friends. 

– You had an awesome meal for dinner? Be grateful of it, not everybody can eat what and whenever they want. 

– You just got up in the morning and had a hot shower? Be grateful of it. When I was in Peru I learned that most of the people there can only take a cold shower if any.

There are lots of things you can be grateful of, just sit back and appreciate each little thing in your life.

Studies shown that people who are more grateful and practising it, feel better about their lives, are more optimistic about the future and sleep much better. Start doing it every day and you will see how your attitude and happiness level will change. When there is a chance, say thank you. That way you will make another person’s day and you feel great too.


The power of positive thinking

orchid in the rain

Nowadays everybody talks about positive thinking but what are the benefits of it and what does it really mean. How do you think positively? Can you just press the button and there you go? Well, it is not that simple.

A positive mindset focusses on the bright side in life. People who are positive, seem to have more energy and attract a lot of other positive people around them; they are optimistic. On the other hand there are negative thinking or pessimistic people. They are mostly perceived as being toxic and people stay away from them. Have you ever been in a situation where you had a great and happy day until you catch up with your ‘negative’ friend. After that you go home feeling depressed?

Having a positive mindset is very powerful and has a great impact on our health:

It reduces stress. We all know that stress makes us sick, so being positive improves our health.  We are dealing with stress situation in  a more effective way. We are staying focussed and positive about an outcome which helps us in dealing with it in a calm manner.

When being positive our voice becomes more powerful and our body language shows the way we feel.

Positive people get more physical activity, such as exercising or dancing, they follow a healthier diet, don’t smoke or drink alcohol in excess. Some health benefits could be connected to them:

  • people with a positive mind live longer
  • they are unlikely to suffer from depression
  • they show lower levels of distress
  • having greater resistance to the common cold
  • better psychological and physical well-being
  • reduced risk of getting cardiovascular disease
  • coping better during hardships and stressful times

Positive minds are attracting positive things in life. It seems that everything is just flowing without greater effort.

What actually does it mean to be positive, what exactly do we have to do:

  • It starts with our self-talk. How many times do we realise that we stop believing in ourselves and started the doubt talk…”oh I am sure I won’t be able to achieve that…they don’t want me…’I am not good enough….etc”. I am sure we all do sometimes. That’s were we need to step in. Believe in yourself. You can do and achieve everything you put your mindset to. In order to start the positive self talk, use positive words such as I can do it; I will do it, there is an opportunity and get rid of ‘no’, ‘not’, ‘cannot’ etc.
  • Believing in everything happens for a reason: Sometimes things happen in our life which makes us feel unsettled and upset. Once you start believing in ‘everything happens for a reason’ you will see it from a positive point of view. You might not find out immediately what the reason was but in the end you will. Don’t get too upset and instead look at the bride side. Maybe it was not meant to be. For example in case you lost your job due to redundancies in your firm it could have been a good thing for you. Maybe you didn’t like that job anyways and you would have stayed there forever being unhappy because you are afraid of changes. Sometimes we need that push from the outside in order to follow our real purpose in life and finding happiness.
  • Having a sense of humour helps. Instead of getting mad at certain situations, it is good to laugh about it. That way we create positivity and it might not be as bad anymore. Sure we all have been in situations where you wait at the airport and the plane is getting delayed for hours. It might be annoying at that stage but once you have a laugh about it you feel better. When I was in South America I experienced it quite frequently. However, we started joking about it, laughed and felt good. Have a cup of coffee and chill out.
  • Exercising increases the level of endorphins in your body which leaves you with a happy feeling.
  • Listen to your favourite music and sing (if you are like me and you cannot sing then only sing where nobody can hear you:))
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Stay away from negative, toxic friends.

Positive minds attract good things. Nevertheless you still might have to encounter unpleasant situations in your life but the way how you deal with it makes the difference. With a positive approach you see the good in everything, you learn your  lessons in life, improve and move on.

Remember after rain is always sunshine and where there is a dark side there is always a bright side. You just need to open your eyes.

Always look on the bright side.

orchid in the rain
Even in the dark you can see the light

It is that simple to be happy?

Sometimes we are facing not so pleasant challenges in life which makes it hard for us to be happy. If you don’t like the life you are living at the moment, then change it. However, there can be circumstances in which we cannot change a particular situation in our life but there is one thing we can do. We can change our attitude. Once your mindset is positive; life becomes so much easier. You start seeing obstacles as chances rather than negative road blocks in your life. So choose to be happy and you will be.

If you want to be happy then be.

If you want to be happy then be
big smile from a happy sloth