Day #10: Dress for success


Welcome to day #10 of the 31-day challenge: from stress to success. Today’s secret to success is:

Dress for success

Do you think that the way you dress can have an impact on people responding to you?

Could a person’s first impression of you partly determine the outcome of your daily activities?

Do you feel more or less confident depending on what you wear?

Do you believe that dressing for success helps you to bring about success?

You probably answered ‘yes’ to all questions; clothes have an impact on us.

Although our lives are not meant to be run entirely by other people’s reactions, their reactions are often a reflection of our own. They help us become aware that we aren’t taking the time to reflect our most empowered selves. What we wear makes a difference. Having said that, you don’t need to spend a lot of money; there are plenty of excellent options for moderate prices available.

Action Steps:

1. Clean out your clothes closets and drawers and sort out the ones that make you feel ‘nay’ when you wear them. Do the same with shoes. If you don’t feel great wearing it, why keep it? Maybe someone else would love to wear it, give it away.

2. Organise the remaining clothes you have into as many fabulous outfit combinations as you can.

3. Each day, wear whatever outfit makes you feel your best – most confident, most clever and your most successful self.


Every day, I dress for success and look my best.


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Day #6 from stress to success: Write and read your affirmations


Welcome to day #6 of the 31-day challenge: from stress to success. Today’s secret to success is:

Write and read your affirmations

Our lives are reflecting our self-talk. We attract what we constantly say to ourselves. It becomes a reality. If we keep saying to ourselves that we don’t get that particular thing…guess what, we won’t get it because we focus on not getting it. What happens when we shift our focus to: “I am going to achieve xyz… I don’t know how and when but I am going to get it.” we suddenly focus on the positive outcome and can see opportunities coming in. We are more aware and pick up everything that could help us in achieving our goal.

As an example of how self-talk can create reality, let’s look at my story:

I realised some years ago that I am very intuitive but didn’t trust it in the beginning. My inner voice was telling me that this is just wishful thinking. So I usually made different decisions in my life based on what other people advised or what my logical mind came up with. Mostly it didn’t work out and was not the right decision. So I started to keep saying to myself: “I fully trust my intuition; I know the answer already, it is right inside me.”

Looking back at my last 2 years, I more and more stepped into my intuition. Others could tell me all sorts of logical reasons, but I made decisions based on my inner knowing. That’s how I became a Health and Life Coach, it was my inner guidance screaming at me to follow this path. It was my intuition which told me to go to the Health coaching conference in Miami last year even though I did not have the money to do so. I remembered my affirmation to fully trust my intuition. Well, money came my way out of the blue. I received two emails about a request for a photo shooting, even though I never considered or advertised my photography services for portraits. I am a landscape photographer, but in this case, I said: yes. It turned out to be so much fun, and my clients were happy with the results, and I could use the money towards my costs for Miami. This Live event was precisely the place where I was meant to be. I met some fantastic people and a special person called Hilary who is still my coach and accountability partner for my business right now. If I hadn’t gone, I would not be where I am today.

This taught me two things: first to trust my intuition but then also how powerful affirmations are. Now I don’t need this particular affirmation any longer, it became second nature to me. However, there are new affirmations I am currently using. We are always evolving and on a journey.

Because of affirmations, I started to listen and trust myself. One important thing to mention is that we have to feel the affirmation deeply in our heart. Keep saying it until you believe it. Say it over and over again, every day.

Practical action steps:

1. Take your list of goals and high priority action steps and transform these into affirmation statements. If for example, your goal is to be a successful entrepreneur and make $1m revenues, then convert this goal into the following affirmation. Make sure you start with ‘I am…” this gives you the feeling that you have it already. “I am a successful entrepreneur who generates $1m revenue this year.”

2. Each day, reread and rewrite your highest priority affirmations.

3. Say your affirmation with feelings, as if they were already true.


My affirmations are true, and I say them form my heart every day.


Comment below if you had some life changing experience with affirmations.

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What are some common blocks for creatives and how to overcome them


Most creative people and artists have some common blocks but why am I talking about this and what are the blocks in particular?

What are the typical blocks for creative people

Creativity always begins with our feelings. A creative person wants to express these feelings using art as an outlet. However, expressing our deepest feelings in public means, we are vulnerable. There is a fear of being criticised for it, which is a problem for a creative person and could be a huge block to pursue their creative passion because of the worry what other people think of them. Each form of art is your own unique expression of yourself. It is simply not possible to create, write a book or song and not be talking about your own experience because we view the world through the lens of our feelings and the past. Your feelings are your muse for your projects.

Another typical block for creative people arises from being too much in your head and trying to think carefully about what to create, instead of trusting the flow and letting the idea come to you. Don’t think, just feel. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It is self-conscious and lousy.

Artistic blocks also occur when we are searching outside ourselves for inspiration if we try to force a successful creative project to appear. These blocks stem from discounting our own beautiful and inspirational natural and normal feelings and experiences.

Others may try to figure out what will succeed in the marketplace. But hey, this is not your authentic self. This comes from a place of lower energy vibration, from a sense of neediness. The question we ask is: “What can I get out of my customers?” The product you create carries lower energy vibration, and it does not come from your heart. That is a taking energy and keeps you away from success and fulfilment. But isn’t that what we are looking for? Fulfillment? Doing what we love doing and getting rewarded for it?

How to overcome these creative blocks

Great question. Instead of trying hard to think and search for ideas outside; search within yourself. Start with your current feelings. How do you feel right now? Are you feeling sad, happy, content or peaceful, melancholic or untangled? Notice your feelings and face them, you then receive inspired ideas to creatively express your feelings in a way that will not just help you but also others who feel the same way.

When creating your art, come from your heart. Ask yourself: “What can I give to my customers?” Giving energy is high vibrational and guarantees you success in the marketplace. There is an old saying about writers: “God gives writers (and other creatives) talent, but if we misuse this talent, it goes away.” This means if you create without inspiration and only for the money, god will take away your talent. This statement is helping us to stay focused on creating art from our heart and a giving place. Of course, you need an income to pay your bills. Unless you are independently wealthy, you will need a job. I will talk about more about how to make money from your art at another time.

This post is not about the “starving artist”, this is just another typical blocks artists have. We all want our creative projects to succeed because the more people purchase your art, the more people receive your healing intention.

I encourage you to fully notice and express your feelings, the higher the vibration of your art will be. Any attempt to hide your feelings will lower the energy vibration.

There are so many more disempowering beliefs blocking creative people from moving forward in what they love doing. I am going to talk about the common theme of addictions for creatives and how you can overcome it next week.

Please comment below, if that resonates with you and what your blockages are. Feel free to ask any questions.

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Why most of us don’t achieve their goals

Have you ever wondered why some people are just successful and seem to achieve all of their goals and others never make it and are depressed and sad?

The reason is your mindset. The minute you say that it is all too hard, you have not deserved it or you won’t be able to make it is sabotaging negative self talk. Stop right here.

Do what successful people do, think positive. They also experience things they are not happy with or proud of but the difference is they don’t hang on to it. They let go and move on and remember only the positive in each situation. When you think about it there is always an opportunity for you to learn.

You too can train your brain to be more positive. Continue reading “Why most of us don’t achieve their goals”

How to live a successful and fulfilled life

Everybody wants to be successful and live a fulfilled life but not everyone seems to do it. Why is it so hard? What is it you need to live a fulfilled life?

It starts with your dreams and your optimistic attitude. What exactly is it you want? This might be in regards to your relationships, job or whatever it is for you. If you are not sure what you wish for, then you won’t get anywhere. Take some time out and think about your goals; write them down. Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t doubt yourself and stop with your dangerous manipulating self talk.

Believe in your goals. Go for it and believe that you can get what you want. Be positive and chase your dreams.

Continue reading “How to live a successful and fulfilled life”