Inspirational quote of the week – Change your vibrational frequency

inspirational quote

Hello everyone. This week’s inspirational quote is:

Once you change your own vibrational frequency, everything aligns to the same frequency. – Ralph Smart

That’s exactly why some people say the law of attraction is not working. Just wanting and desiring something, doesn’t mean you will get it. If your wants are not in line with your intrinsic values or you simply subconsciously don’t believe in it, it is not going to happen. Your energy frequency is on a different level.

To attract what you want, know your values first, as these are the drivers in your life. Then change your feeling about what you want; feel as you already have it. This will change your energy frequency to the level of what you want to attract.

I know, it is not as simple as it sounds. Most of us carry a deeply seated belief system in us which is based on your way of growing up, your parent’s beliefs or your own experiences. This is our inner subconscious programming. Sometimes we are not even aware of it.

I have some great news for you, you can change your programming for the better. If you want to find out, what is stopping you from living the dream of your life, and want to know how to fix things and transform your life? Then you are right here, I offer a complimentary breakthrough session which you can book here. I am excited to talk to you. You definitely will walk away with a huge aha moment.

inspirational quote

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Have a fantastic remaining week. Namaste.