Day #5 From Stress to Success: Visualise your success


Welcome to tip #5 of the 31 days from stress to success challenge:

Visualise your success.

I am sure you are all aware of the law of attraction. It always starts with visualising your success. If we are unclear of our vision, it creates stress, whereas focusing on our vision leads to success. Seeing the details in our mind is very important.

You might come across the situation where you cannot see clearly, or our vision lacks focus. I suggest to write down more details in your action steps.

Do you suffer from fatigue, depression and stress? This is mostly due to a lack of clarity. If you can’t see your success, or what you need to do to create it, how can we expect to live it?

There is a proven technique called mental rehearsal which athletes are using. They visualise their success before any upcoming performance. Our brains and bodies tend to work most efficiently when they have a planned detailed picture to work on.  Your body and life’s direction follows your inner vision. People who have the most precise image tend to lead those whose vision is cloudy. They are the ones who are more successful and experience less stress. Others start to look up to them for guidance. If you want to lead a successful, meaningful life, visualise clearly.

Action steps for today:

  1. Now you’ve written down your seven top action steps. Take at least 5-10 minutes, sit in a comfortable position where you cannot be disturbed and take three deep breaths and close your eyes. Visualise stress-free completion of each step.
  2. While you keep breathing, focus on the details. Be specific. The more detailed you are, the easier it will be to follow through your action steps.
  3. Now, keep breathing and visualising your outcome as well as the journey. See how you achieve each of these 7 steps successfully until you feel this deep satisfaction. Enjoy this feeling. The mind creates a virtual reality that will manifest into reality.


I can see myself succeeding; it is done. Wow, what a feeling!

Visualise your success.


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