Chose your attitude to create happiness

living in happiness

It is not a set of circumstances or the people you are with who make you happy. Happiness comes from your inside and your attitude.

Are you able to adopt to changing circumstances because your change your attitude?

If you ever face situations you don’t like, think about what it is you don’t like in particular. Is it very important to you or is it just a first world problem? What happens when you would change your attitude? Would you feel better?

Don’t forget: it is all in your mind; change your attitude and you will feel happiness.

“A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.” – Hugh Downs-

living in happiness
Moonshine over Bondi Beach in Sydney

Good people bring happiness and best people give you memories


In one of my previous posts I was talking about that ‘everything happens for a reason’ even the people you meet in your life have a certain reason.

We meet a variety of people. Some of them have a happy aura and bring pure happiness. It is easy to hang out with them; they make you feel good and happy.

Unfortunately not everybody you have to deal with is such a positive person; you might have a negative co-worker, boss or even friend. If you can, try not to stick around and surround yourself with positive people. Negativity is toxic and can make you depressive. It might be a hard decision to make but you feel so much more relieved once you dealt with the situation. If it is a person at your work place, try to sort it out and if nothing works you might want to start looking for another job.

However, we cannot always pick the cherries and we sometimes have to deal with certain people. It is up to you for how long you are willing to put up with that certain situation; but always remember, people enter our life for a reason. Don’t blame anybody for anything happening to you in your life. You might need to gain some experience to strengthen you for the future or we have to learn a lesson because we did not realise what is going on. On the positive side some people bring happiness into your life and very special ones give you great memories.

“Never blame anyone in your life. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give you experience. The worst people give you a lesson; and the best people give you memories.” – spirit science

penguins from the Beagle Channel, Argentina

Rise up, start fresh, see the bright opportunity

Each day is a new day with new opportunities.

Have you had a bad day? Do you know what? Don’t worry, tomorrow is another day with fresh new opportunities. Forget what was happening yesterday, you cannot change it. Each day has new surprises for us. Just be open, smile when you get up in the morning and say out loud: ‘Today will be a great day with lots of fun and new opportunities.”

“Rise up, start fresh, see the bright opportunity in each new day.”

sunrise at Sydney Harbour
sunrise at Sydney Harbour


Everything happens for a reason

Life can be a mystery. For some reason we end up in a certain place at a certain time and meet certain people. Some of them will stay in our life forever, some stay for a season and some people enter our life for a reason. I believe that this is meant to be. It is up to you to find out who belongs into which category.

Sometimes life is changing and not everything is working out the way we were hoping for. But do you know what? I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. It might be hard to acknowledge and understand. You probably don’t see the reason in that very moment but time will reveal to you why it happened. Maybe we are meant to learn some lessons in life, gain some important experiences or we need to realise how much we should appreciate our lives.

Maybe the universe is telling you something and you need to change your directions in life to achieve your goals. If something you were working towards is not going ahead, believe in something better is out there for you.

Thinking that way helps you to stay positive even in hard or challenging times. It makes you want to move forward. Expect new opportunities knocking on your door. Don’t let them go and embrace each moment in your life. Life can be short.

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” – Marilyn Monroe

Everything happens for a reason
Everything happens for a reason

How to make your dreams come true

Everyone has dreams but not everybody is actually doing something about it and keeps finding excuses and postpone things. Have you ever said that this is not the right time to do or once you saved more money you will do it; you will travel once you are retired or you are not perfect enough to do so? I am pretty sure this sounds familiar to you. You know these are just excuses. The time will never be perfect to action on your dreams. What can you do to make your dreams come true?

First of all we need to set our goals. Without a clear goal nothing will happen. Write down your goals and make a list of things you want to achieve or dream of having. Maybe it is

  • one place to visit
NYC skyline at sunset
NYC skyline at sunset
  • one thing to do daily and weekly
getting out and watching the waves
getting out and watching the waves
  • one thing you always wanted to learn.
Cronulla surf
surfing in Australia

Don’t let your negative thoughts shine through who are telling you ‘that this is just stupid and I never will be able to achieve this’ – stop and keep writing. It feels good creating that kind of list.

Now that was the first step but just writing down your goals doesn’t mean that you will make it happening. Let’s start working on the following step:

Make an action plan and set a timeline (short term and long term); I would suggest not having too long terms as many things can happen in the meantime and you might keep postponing your goals otherwise.

Once you know what your actions are, start doing it. Do not wait and hesitate; do not hold back but do it anyways. Don’t worry about what others think. Get out of your comfort zone. The feeling will be amazing once you have actioned on your goals. Excitement kicks in.

Lots of us are doubting ourselves and believe we cannot do it. When this kind of thought comes up, ask yourself why you apparently cannot do it. What would happen if you keep postponing your actions to achieve your goals? What would happen if you give it a go? What would you lose or win? What would be the worst outcome and impact? Are you holding back because of fear?

Usually what we fear doing is actually what we need to do. Success in our life can be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations we are willing to have. Start with one thing you fear and just do it. What does it cost you financially or emotionally to postpose pursuing your dreams? Is it worth it? What are you waiting for? Stop saying ‘I don’t have time’ or the timing is not perfect. The situation or we will never be perfect. Stop making excuses. It is fine and totally normal to be afraid of failing, being rejected or whatever it is. Just remember, everybody is just as afraid like you are.

All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them

– Walt Disney – 

Why to spend some time alone is benefiting you


We live in a busy world, rushing all the time to get as much done as possible. In the end we are exhausted and don’t even have time to reflect and think about our future. We find ourselves carried along by it all, burdened by expectations and our daily obligations. Let’s take a break and spend some time alone to get back in touch with the part of yourself that has big plans.

There are different ways of how to find your life’s purpose. Whatever is working for you, give it a go. You might want to meditate or you just go for a walk or run to clear your mind, maybe you want to travel on your own for a few days or longer.

Find some time and ask yourself what your purpose in life is. Whatever the answer might be, could be a pleasant surprise to you.

Spend some time alone to reconnect with your life’s purpose and follow the path

Spend some time alone to reconnect with your life’s direction

What is home?

I heard this question several times and I really needed to sit back and think about it. What is home? Is home where your family is, where you currently live or where you were born?

When I made the decision to leave my German roots behind to move to Australia I got a very interesting farewell present. It was a painting of an anatomic heart in a house. The meaning behind this is:

‘Home is where your heart is’

There is no better answer to that question than this. Where ever you feel your heart currently is, is called home. For me it is Sydney. My heart is here where my friends are, where I pursue all my hobbies. I love that country and my friends here; I cannot imagine to live anywhere else in this moment. I am not saying this has to be like this forever, situations can change and I am open minded. However, my heart is currently in Australia even though I miss my family. Luckily nowadays technologies allow you to be connected with them where ever they are.

What I love about Sydney is definitely the better weather and the beaches:

Tamarama Beach in Sydney

and the beautiful animals:

dolphin in Tasmania
dolphin in Tasmania

Of course Sydney wouldn’t be anything without the famous opera house and the variety of festivals.

Sydney Opera house at Vivid light festival
Sydney Opera house at Vivid light festival

What is home for you?



10 things I have learned from travelling

Noosa beach

I love travelling, enjoy being outside in nature and experiencing different cultures.

Travelling is more than just sightseeing, it is experiencing life on a different level. To see other cultures and the way they live is an eye opener.

I was born and raised in Germany, travelled a bit through Europe, moved to Australia 8 years ago and fulfilled my dream to travel to Southamerica for 2 months last year. In all those years I have learned a lot about myself and life in general:

  • Respecting other people no matter where they come from, their cultural background, their job or how poor or rich they are. Everybody has a different story to tell, you never know what they have been through in their life and in the end it just doesn’t matter. Everybody deserves respect and a friendly smile.
happy family from Taquile Island, Peru
happy family from Taquile Island, Peru
  • Being grateful of what you have. Travelling to poorer countries in particular open your eyes. I have seen very poor people in Peru but they were so friendly and nice and they would give you anything when you treat them with respect. Some of the poor people don’t have hot showers or a big warm house. This makes you realise how rich you are even though you might just rent a small place but you are able to have a warm bath. People in the westernised world are complaining a lot about ‘nothing’. Travelling to those countries make you realise what a great life you have.
playing little girl on Taquile Island, Peru
playing little girl on Taquile Island, Peru
  • You cannot buy happiness. Happiness comes from the inside and not from material items you own. I met poor people who were happy with their life. It is about owning things you cannot buy with money, like health, love and friendships.
happy smile
the most beautiful smile in the world
  • I realised for myself and decided to stop shopping but to spend the money on travelling. This gives you insights, unforgettable experiences, great memories and opens your mind. It will change you for the better. You might not have enough money to travel – well, save and spend wisely and there is a budget for everyone. You don’t necessarily need to fly far away, the best travel can be in your area.
Devil's throat
the double rainbow over the devil’s throat
  • Don’t wait that something will happen, make things happen  and follow your dreams. Life is too short. Don’t let fear hold you back and miss out. What do you have to lose?
Are you curious what is out there? Go for it. Do more of what makes you happy.
  • Try new things and eat what the locals eat. You will be amazed what amazing cuisines are out there. I love cooking and in I try new recipes from different cultures. Festival of the taste butts.
Peruvian cuisine
Peruvian cuisine
  • Travel and pack light. Being on tour for 2 months made me learn how to pack light and simple. There are laundries everywhere and you don’t need your high heels when travelling through Southamerica. Organise your belongings and you will become a master and packing.
the cat is watching the tourists in La Boca
the cat is watching the tourists in La Boca
  • Dress simple and leave your jewellery at home. You don’t need to show off your luxury in poor countries. You will have a much more peaceful trip.
life in the streets of Cusco, Peru
life in the streets of Cusco, Peru
  • Beauty is everywhere, just open your eyes. Do not compare one place with another. Each is unique and has its own charm. Respect and enjoy the nature we live in.
A beautiful day in Fitz Roy National Park in Patagonia.
A beautiful day in Fitz Roy National Park in Patagonia.
  • Being organised when travelling is important but leave room for spontaneous things to have a bit of an adventure.
street dance
Difference is what makes life fabulous

Happy travel.

Why am I writing and sharing my photos

enjoy the early morning

I am writing because I love to share my travel stories and happiness quotes with you. I hope to inspire you to open your eyes when walking through your day, to see the beauty in our nature and help you creating your own happiness.

New Zealand sunset
reflections of Karekare beach in New Zealand

I love taking and sharing my photographs with you. See and experience amazing places in the world with me through my photos and writing.

A beautiful day in Fitz Roy National Park in Patagonia.

We easily can get caught up with first world problems in our lives and forget to see the beauty around us. I want you to open your eyes and mind throughout the day. You will be amazed what you can see. The best part is, you don’t need to travel to see beautiful nature.

Glenorchy, New Zealand
If you don’y know where you are going, that’s where you will end up

With my photos and happiness stories I want you to see the things you cannot buy with money and to be grateful of the little things you have. Enjoying the simple things in life is what we learn when we travel and experience different cultures with an open mind. Money cannot buy you happiness.

appreciate the little things
People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be

I am writing to reflect on situations we sometimes experience in life. No matter how bad a situation can be, you mostly can choose to see the positive side in it and move on knowing you learned a lesson. When one door closes another door opens.

Open window
Open your mind

Choose to be happy and you will be.

Welcome to my blog. I am happy that you decided to stick around for a while to check out some of my previous posts.